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Re: Looking for fun village

Postby jacobmalins10 » Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:34 am

Anyone in haven and hearth are welcome to my village
we have just started it 3days ago and already got so far.
Resource: we have 3 caves nearby and a good whealthy village around here to.
we trade with the village, we trade linen clothe for 2pieces of wool.
because its needed for bandages and other useful stuff, so if your on low hp you have nothing to worry about
at the moument 8 of my mates have joined in and have enjoyed the village.
rules: I am very sensitive with letting people onto my land, therefore if anyone steals from me will die and i will find out for i have ranging and rage and murder well all of the skills.
rule number 2, do not cutt down the trees for fun just for lp out side of our village, it will be used for timber houses ect...so don't but, if its far away then i'm fine with that.
we have a village nearby that allows us to use there mine, so we are in a lucky position.
down at south west there is alot of clay by the water if you need it, up north west there are deserts crowded with chickens and oxs and foxs so we provide alot of food and down a couple of fields there are our allys for stuff from there for mining. in the east you will find 2 caves and up north your find another cave.
so we are in a god position for a village, soon we will start on our mansions but for now we have timber houses.
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