Game Development: Lupine Labyrinth

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Re: Game Development: Lupine Labyrinth

Postby strpk0 » Fri Jun 09, 2023 12:38 am

maze wrote:
Kaios wrote:The “dungeons” are boring. In all the time since they have been implemented I have never once even thought about or attempted completing them of my own volition and with other players I went along maybe once or twice.

and I'm the complete reverse. My group normally attempts dungeons non-stop as a semi pseudo end game

yeah my autistic 9 year old enjoys throwing rocks at himself as well
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Re: Game Development: Lupine Labyrinth

Postby Massa » Tue Jun 13, 2023 4:29 pm

these are sick. more of these, more real dungeons too! more things like this to get lots of stuff, risk more, be somewhere for a minute.
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Re: Game Development: Lupine Labyrinth

Postby jock » Wed Jun 14, 2023 3:44 pm

Everyone wins from stuff like this, it's good. More pathways for meat, curios, bones and more content. Mole dungeon when?
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Re: Game Development: Lupine Labyrinth

Postby Kaios » Fri Jun 16, 2023 11:56 am

Those are fair points, I suppose it would be reasonable to clarify what I meant. There's nothing wrong with liking dungeons the way they are of course but in my opinion they are not much more than glorified arenas in which to fight mobs.

Where are the unique and interesting flora and fauna? Where are the special and rare resources for players to obtain? It's an issue that occurs in most aspects of this game, they create and continue to add the same content over and over again instead of improving that content and making it more interesting. Dungeons are only one floor, there is nothing new or interesting about them to explore, you can't mine for unique ores or collect variations of weird colour wood types, once they are cleared there is little reason to continue delving back in to the same dungeon.

They are fine for what they are, sure, but there's about a million things that would be make them better instead of adding a different mob and creating the same type of dungeon repeatedly.
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Re: Game Development: Lupine Labyrinth

Postby Lalaxx » Fri Jun 16, 2023 11:49 pm

Kaios wrote:you can't mine for unique ores or collect variations of weird colour wood types

well for wolves you have lupines that you can grow in pots. and it also is an alchemical ingredient.
but yeah i agree mostly.
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