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Postby warrri » Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:53 am

Granger wrote:
Undefined wrote:I generally get about 3.3ish seconds before the animal reaches, so that's the 1.8s 'Duh, wot sword do?' cooldown, during which you queue something like quick dodge causing a 1.2s cooldown, during which you queue watch its moves, then the animal is in melee so gets a hit to your defense, so really you should re-raise that before you can decide what to actually do against the defenses the animal has raised without the 'Duh, how I fight?' cooldown.
Sure it's not that hard but it's also idiotic and feels clunky.
I understand why it was implemented, I actually argued for a solution to players being able to initiate combat and immediately CHOP someone to death, my solution was to auto-green defense at combat start. It was a weakness in the combat system that had to addressed, why such an overkill solution that leaks into other elements of the game?
You can grab a bow and 1 shot animals with 10 MM or trap them in a ridge, but if you want to fight them in melee you are immediately put at a 1.8s disadvantage, it makes no sense at all to me.

Now that insta-chop is gone the delay isn't needed anymore, right Jorb? At least not as penalty to the one engaging, i guess...

Some time to think about the cards dealt would be nice though, but this should be for both sides:
2-3 sec wouldn't hurt so you have time to come up with a tactic.

Since animals don't need it (since the AI dosn't get dealt a hand, i suspect, or at least won't have to parse the image to decide which card to play) the time could be used for a nice eek/bark/hiss/fizz/grunt/growl sound+animation for the respective critter at start of PvE (instead of just silently charge the character and try to eat it as-is now).

So please: just give both opponents the moment to select the first card.

Fuck no. No bullshit forced wait timer in pve at all please. It just makes the fights take longer. I dont even bother with ants at all anymore, because it takes so fucking long to kill a group of 5. Bats i only do when i really am short on curio, but fuck fighting bats too when half the fight time is waiting for the delay to run out.
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