Dealing with injuries

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Dealing with injuries

Postby raybon256 » Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:58 pm

World 9 (or World 2-2) has come with new injuries and new players so I would like to have a thread that keeps track of the types of injuries. An injury is this, in this Haven there are two types of damage, SHP(fatigue
damage) represented by red numbers and HHP(lethal damage) is represented by yellow numbers. Most attacks deal a percentage known as grievous damage, which is how much of an attack is "real" damage. In Haven 2, every instance of this "real" damage is individually tracked.

Punch-sore and Bruise
Normally dealt with your encounters with ants. Heals over time.

Knicks and Knacks
By far the most common type of HHP injury, if you get in a lot of fights, this will tend to stack up. Heals over time.

Leech Burns
Certain injuries convert into leech burns when you have a leech equipped. Used to convert a permanent injury into a temporary one.

Deep Cuts
The most common type of permanent injury. I get a lot of these punching boars, badgers, foxes, horses, aurouchs, and mouflon. Easiest to deal with: a deep cut can be healed by a stinging poutice, a bandage, or
a rootfill which heals it instantly.

Fell Slash
This injury is more serious than a deep cut. Unlike a deep cut which can be healed by a poultice, a fell slash needs at least a bandage.

I remember getting these at the start of playing World 7. Can be healed by leeches.

Cruel Incision
A nastier version of Fell Slash. Or fell slash is a nastier version of cruel incision. Either way, you need a Bandage or a Stitch Patch. A rootfill can turn this into a deep cut.

Wretched Gore
This is the nastiest lethal injury you can have. Pre-nerf bats did this to you if they KO'd you swarms. I had a fellow hearthling get several of these if when he tried to mine. For the
longest time this injury was incurable. It can be healed with a Stitch Patch and only a Stitch Patch.

HHP damage dealt being less than 20% energy. Will heal over time once you eat enough.

Early in world 8 people swimming when there stamina is gone would instantly die regardless of HP left (in legacy you didn't even leave a corpse behind, so you couldn't even get you things). You
take 12 HHP damage every second your stamina is depleted. While you are suffering from Asphyxiation damage, you have -5 Intelligence. Currently lowering intelligence doesn't stop excess
curiosities from taking effect, but if there are removed you cannot put them back on. Asphyxiation damage heals over time.

New injury introduced in World 9. Essentially everytime you are KO'd (lose all you HP, but don't die), you will take 17 points of concussion damge to HHP. The bigger this number gets, the more
severely you are penalized in your skills. Concussions, heal over time.

--Medical Supplies--

Stinging Poultice

Skills Needed: Exploration 5, Foraging, Hunting, and either Pottery (Clay Cauldron), or Metalworking (Metal Cauldron).

Needs 3 stinging nettle, 2 string(which can also be stinging nettle), and a dried hide. The easiest hides to get is a that from a squirrel, or possible a rabbit. You also need a boiling cauldron
to make the poultice. In case you don't know, one hide is one inventory square, so you can make two poultices with a badger or fox hide, or four with a larger animal's hide like a sheep.

When you use a Stinging Poultice, you Strength drops by 2 and your Agility drops by 3, and this is cumulative if you apply a poultice to multiple injuries.

Update: Squirrel Tales count as hides. Be careful if you don't use a curio if you don't need to.


Skilled Needed: For wool you need Exploration 15 and Foraging for a wild mouflon, or Unarmed Combat of 25 and Farming, Animal Husbandry and Rope Twinning if you want a tame Sheep.
For the Loom you need the aforementioned Rope Twinning as well as Metalworking and Wheelwighting to learn Basic Mechanics.

Looms are delicate, premium items that take up a lot of space. Even in a claimed area they will decay if not kept indoors. If you plan on having one, you will need to devote a 3x3 space to it. That means most of the inside of your log cabin or timber house, so you will want to make a cellar and/or a stonestead (medical school is expensive) if you want the space for it. If have access to a cave or mine shaft that counts as an indoors
area. Those raising sheep will also have to have a safe place to keep them and a food source.

Using the bandages requires the use of the right most top equipment slot, so you cannot use your spectacles, bear necklace, etc. while you are healing from that injury. When the injury is fully healed they
become bloody rags.

Even though the Metalworking is needed to learn Basic Mechanics, you do not need any metal to make a loom or bandages.


Leeches can be found wandering thought a swamp with empty equipment slots. Anytime you are in a swamp there is a chance a leech will attach to you. When a leech is equipped it will start draining your SHP (and
heal one of the injure that leech burns can heal). Be careful not to let them drain all of your SHP or you will be KO'd and then they start draining HHP instead. Gathering and using leeches require no special skill in
itself, but if you have a high Constitution stat you can let them drain your blood and make better HQ leeches. Bloated leeches can also be used as fishing bait.


There is a very rare curiosity called a strange root that appears when you remove a stump. Combine this with a Laurel Bush and you get 5 does of rootfill, which can instantly heal (meaning you get all your HHP
back at once) a Deep Cut, or reduce a Cruel Incision to a Deep Cut. These things are kind of rare so save them for big HP number injuries or you need to heal up fast.

Stitch Patch

Skills needed: Farming and/or Animal Husbandry (depending on whether you get Linen/Hemp cloth or wool cloth), Hunting, Pottery, Mining, and Basic Mechanics(including all its perquisites).
Recommended: Sewing (weaving the cloth and making the actual patch), Cooking (bone glue), and Smithing (the metal nugget).

Stitch Patches need Cloth, string, bone glue, and a nugget of any metal. You will need the loom to make the cloth, Hunting to make the bone glue, which also needs to be made in a cauldron. You also
need to make an Alloying crucible to break down a bar of metal into individual nuggets, and you will need a kiln to make bricks to make a smelter to turn ore into metal, and coal to fuel both the smelter
and the crucible. Coal can be make in a tar kiln or mined; you must mine to get ore or fine a rare ore rock in the world.

Needless to say this is a lot of work. A lot. A stitch patch is the only thing that can fix a Wretched Gore, and healing it is slow and painful. Several of your stats are penalized by 10 per patch, notably
Perception and Charisma.

Final Note: Temporary HHP injuries like Knicks and Knacks and Conussion stack with each other and Permanent ones like Deep Cut are calculated separately. Which means if you have a long day and
kicking boars and punching badgers and have 5-6 deep cuts and 80 damage of K&K and apply poultice to all your cuts, and go to bed, you can expect to wake up with all the cuts healed but still have
quite a few K&K damage.
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Re: Dealing with injuries

Postby Granger » Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:17 am

Introduced in world 9 are old windblown trees, which you can harvest for instant healing of everything items.
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Re: Dealing with injuries

Postby Audiosmurf » Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:24 am

Also of note, blunt trauma is inflicted by cave-ins now. Healed by bandages.
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Re: Dealing with injuries

Postby Rance-sama » Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:15 am

Post-nerf bat swarms still give you wretched gore. They gave it to me, anyways.
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Re: Dealing with injuries

Postby Sevenless » Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:12 pm

Rance-sama wrote:Post-nerf bat swarms still give you wretched gore. They gave it to me, anyways.

Wretched gore happens if they use their yellow attack on you after you've been downed. It's not that likely (something like 1/5 hits or so?) but very nasty when it happens.
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Re: Dealing with injuries

Postby vatas » Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:37 pm

Sevenless wrote:
Rance-sama wrote:Post-nerf bat swarms still give you wretched gore. They gave it to me, anyways.

Wretched gore happens if they use their yellow attack on you after you've been downed. It's not that likely (something like 1/5 hits or so?) but very nasty when it happens.

I tried to run and use defences. Didn't work out with less than 10 UA. One of my characters was sent to Valhalla this way in w8.

Edit: I'm pretty butt hurt about this. My alt received less severe wretched gore from bear. Where's the sense? Can't you just make bats not attack KO'd players? We already have concussion punishing enough for that alone.
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Re: Dealing with injuries

Postby stya » Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:08 am

Dying is the quickest way to heal, tested and approved.
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Re: Dealing with injuries

Postby hyrle » Mon Feb 22, 2016 6:51 pm

Honestly, a 42 pt wretched gore early on is going to be super tough to deal with. You'll need a bandage for sure, and that takes all the stuff mentioned in the post before mine. Even when you finally manage to get a bandage, the bandage will only heal that wound for one point a day. To top it off, you won't be able to wear a hat while healing - thus reducing a stat that you'd normally boost using a sprucecap or something else likewise. Honestly - if this were my character so early on, I'd /wrist near your hearthfire because a 42 wretched gore is a major, major gimp. The gimpiness you'd have to suffer through while waiting for that to heal will hurt you far more than losing a few days of LP gain and starting over.

(The deep cuts aren't so bad. Once you can make a clay cauldron, you can treat those with poultices. The concussion and nicks would heal themselves over time and - while it sucks - that'll heal within a day or two. The wretched gore is really the only wound that's super tough to deal with.)

You'd be able to start a new character that inherits from your now-dead character. You'll then be able to teleport back to the hearthfire and get all your dead character's stuff by inheriting from the graveyard. Then, if you bury your dead character, you can inherit 60% of its stats and LP without having to deal with those wounds. So it's really not a major loss. You'll just now be wiser for this experience, and hopefully pay better attention around animals. I know I do having lost my first H&H character from a similar situation.
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