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Re: Project: "New Player Guide"

Postby MagicManICT » Sat Nov 14, 2020 8:18 am

Apocoreo wrote:I got new people interested next world so I'm invested in this project. I'm no pvper or min/maxer but I can help Nabs get started. Might help with screenshots once you get some of the writings posted. If there's anything that I can add it's link wherever you can. Like; teach them how to craft an axe then just link for every other item saying "make this". Mention adders are venomous but don't go into detail.

6) Not using barterstands in almost every production line

Never heard of this and played since w4. Is that like a capitalist style village where villagers trade their products for one anothers?

Barter Stands provide ease of access to more than one container from a single access point. Before the change to the containers and the hands, it was simply a way to store a massive amount of a single item. I don't recall the details of setting it up off hand, but the Silkfarming skill page gives a pretty good look at the basics of it. You can do something similar for any industry.
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Re: Project: "New Player Guide"

Postby Apocoreo » Sat Nov 14, 2020 9:21 am

Oh man that's genius. Literally never heard of a village doing that but the time saved not going through cupboards must add up. I'm testing that out this world, you probably just change my whole village's design next world, thank you!

EDIT: okay so major changes fucked this up but it's still useful in places.
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Re: Project: "New Player Guide"

Postby Enjoyment_2 » Sat Nov 14, 2020 9:44 am

I really need to update that picture) it's sooo outdated. maybe next world
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Re: Project: "New Player Guide"

Postby vatas » Fri Dec 31, 2021 8:04 am

This seems to be a decent combat tutorial:
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Re: Project: "New Player Guide"

Postby telum12 » Fri Dec 31, 2021 11:30 am

vatas wrote:This seems to be a decent combat tutorial:

That's a pretty bad combat tutorial...
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Re: Project: "New Player Guide"

Postby vatas » Fri Dec 31, 2021 11:40 am

telum12 wrote:
vatas wrote:This seems to be a decent combat tutorial:

That's a pretty bad combat tutorial...

If full list of stuff that is wrong with it would be too long, can you list top three reasons? Have been thinking of making HnH tutorial videos myself but existence of this guy's videos made me feel they're unnecessary.

My guess for the number one reason is simply the length; I may be completely wrong, but I was thinking that I could make same "basic combat" tutorial that would be only 5 minutes in length.
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Re: Project: "New Player Guide"

Postby axus » Fri Dec 31, 2021 3:30 pm

Cole's guide was very useful. The problem with CivCraft and Hafen is it's always more fun to play in your free time than to create documentation.
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Re: Project: "New Player Guide"

Postby Sevenless » Fri Jan 07, 2022 5:21 pm

axus wrote:Cole's guide was very useful. The problem with CivCraft and Hafen is it's always more fun to play in your free time than to create documentation.

I love writing guides. But it's not a job, and with haven's frequent updates that revise base mechanics I need to be constantly re-reading/updating/correcting. I play about 25-30% of a world's life at most, so the mistakes build up quickly.

My first guide lasted 5 years while being mostly up to date. My second guide got out dated in a little over a year. Many core mechanics were changed, or added. Which is great for the game! But seeing 200-300 hours of volunteer time last the community only a year dampens my enthusiasm as a guide writer. Especially the nagging fear I might be missing something important and getting people killed.
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Re: Project: "New Player Guide"

Postby DoctorCookie » Fri Jan 07, 2022 6:48 pm

SnuggleSnail wrote:It might be more of an intermediate thought, but a list of mistakes I commonly see people make:

1) Caring about the quality of crops other than Turnips/Flax
2) Caring about animal quality, without going hyper-autistic on it
3) Putting significant effort into metal quality without access to level 9
4) Hunting anything other than whales/trolls/mammoths(early game, bones)/Moose(bones)/anglers(early game) (unless you're trying to make a sweaty PVP character/miner early world)
5) Making LARP foods(Read as: not streamlining your base around making ~10 of the best effort:FEP foods you can make)
6) Not using barterstands in almost every production line

I don't intend to edit the wiki, but if anybody wants obscure information to put there, I'd be happy to help with details any potential writers are unsure about

What about a quickstart guide for a village or base? As in "your first few days" or milestones and general target times or an order of doing things. I am not saying that groups such as yours give up all secrets but those early days can be really daunting with the sheer amount of options for new and vet players. As you know i am no min maxer but do get bogged down on some of those things you listed. A guide to help streamline the beginning would be huge.
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Re: Project: "New Player Guide"

Postby SnuggleSnail » Sat Jan 08, 2022 12:25 pm

Not rly sure it fits in the category of new player guide, but here's our rough plan for recent worlds. If you want methodology or reasoning explained feel free to ask, I'm not really sure what is or isn't intuitive.

Day one:
  • Random spawn until we find a good spot (next to mountain, ocean, swamp/s)
  • Find cave with one entrance to live in
  • Build a fuckload of tarkilns to build snekkjas
  • Spam drying racks for drying hides to make leather / foraging gildings
  • Start making leather
  • Find cavelacanth / abyss geyser fishing spot and abuse it to make forager alt
  • Start shaving goats for snekkja cloth
  • Run over dust piles until good rock to make good axe for initial mining
  • Start spam collecting WWWs
  • Spitroast fish in general
  • Quest if you're a selfish loser that hates your team

Day two:
  • Start mining /w decent stone axe on a char that's been eating spitroast sturgeon or w/e early strength food
  • Make at least spears and maybe bronze plates
  • Build initial palisade
  • Build village idol
  • Metal symbel big pog
  • Start raiding people nearby/with snekkja for curios/wax/leather/hides/backpacks while killing animals for moves/ sosig meat
  • Start smoking sosig
  • Start killing wolves to make meat in jelly(strength)
  • Start whale botting
  • Finish forager credo
  • Start farmer credo
  • Start hard farming candleberries for wax>hleather>mineholes
  • Start collecting animals (mostly pigs, unless you plan to hard into cheese then mainly cows - sheeps somewhat bad, goats terrible)
  • Forager alt camps glimmermoss/edels
  • Go autistic collecting salt
  • Quarryman credo

Day three:
  • Start building village
  • General raising of industries - feeding miner whales and good curios for masonry / feeding survivalist good curios to get better bones/hides
  • Start steel
  • Minehole/s
  • Farm angler/s if you're not too lazy
  • Miner credo
  • Oh my god we need so many garden pots for spices, quality doesn't matter

First/Second week:
  • Golden/pearl symbel big pog
  • Find/farm good caveclay node
  • Find goodQ animal node for hide/bones (rope, rope walk, bone ash>bone clay
  • Mine a fuckload to constantly upgrade metal industry
  • Make bone clay kiln
  • Maybe make bone clay smelters but it's hard to say when to into bone clay, because effort is likely better spent raising miner strength for most people and going to lower levels
  • Make lots of mineholes
  • Tailor credo
  • At least started potter's credo to make lv8/9 mineholes

First month/six weeks:
  • Have a truffling zone setup, with a decent truffling pig, and produce enough truffles to put Q40-50 truffles on everything you eat
  • Make a realm to abuse for experience gain, don't support it in any meaningful way otherwise
  • Have lv9 and enough strength to mine it
  • Build pepperfarm
  • Have enough animals to spam stuff like meatpies
  • Stop killing animals for sosig, it's a waste compared to whales
  • Kill many, many, many whales
  • Have source of bigboi bones/hides to continue upgrading metal industry more until it sorta just caps out and there's no reason to continue
  • Mindlessly grind stats and kill people

Month two/three and onward:
  • Completely stop grinding stats
  • Let animals die
  • kill murder die suprucecap die
  • Maybe sidge if feeling autistic

Key takeaways:
  • The most autistic person in your group should be the miner, and they should share their account it's the most impactful role. Help them by giving whale / better curios / salt
  • The survival boi is the second most important, but it's far less autistic. You should help them by giving better curios/int food(stone axe softcap!), and the account should be shared. Having high survival without finding highQ animals and actively killing them to turn into industry is a waste
  • Rush whale meat early, and ignore most other methods of character progression as nowhere near as good
  • Killing shitters and raiding nabs is a good way to snowball if you're not a pussy, but admittedly may lead to you getting stomped if you live nearby bigbois and don't have a lot of experience
  • Share your crafter char and fucking help them with stats(early sewing softcap is kinda gay if your survival boi is good, early tailor helps everybody a lot)
  • You need to compete for salt
  • You need to focus on having symbel early
  • You need lots of wax/leather/tar early
  • People that won't share their account should not be involved in any key roles, and should not really be helped in any meaningful way
  • Hunting is in general not a very effective way to get stats compared to farmed stuff in your base. Long term it will always be better to spend your time on making setups for cheese/meat pies/pepper/etc, but you do need at least some early stats from hunting, although you could potentially skip it and just use spitroasted fish. Whales are the exception. Whales are always obscenely OP. If you want to PVP early you need to hit a fair bit. If you just want to see high numbers eventually don't hunt at all. Think of it like late game scaling vs. zoo in card games
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