Are effects of different recipes procedurally generated?

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Are effects of different recipes procedurally generated?

Postby SariSari » Sun Jun 06, 2021 2:04 pm

I've been trying to figure out the effects that ingredients may have on individual recipes. For example, what's the difference between using Red Onions and Yellow Onions in Livers & Onions? What's the difference with and without a spice like Kvann? That's just one example.

I can't discern any rule whatsoever for how an ingredient affects the FEP gains of a recipe. Different combination of ingredients will give you wildly different results that I can't make sense out of. On top of that, the varying effects of different combination make such strangely small difference on a given stat as to make me think the following: the effects that different combinations of ingredients have is mostly procedurally generated.

There are no hard, comprehensible rule to it like "Red Onion in Livers and Onions always gives you +1 Int", and the only way to know the effects that a combination of ingredients is going to have exactly is to try it out and see.

It seems that there are some vague rule, for example, Yellow Onion often seems to give strength while Red onion often seems to give Intelligence. But the exactitude of the given bonuses cannot be determined in advance. Not to mention the effects of each ingredient affecting differing recipes differently. It seems that while certain ingredients often have the same effect, the magnitude of that effect varies randomly depending on the other ingredients in a way that doesn't seem consistent, even if trying to think in terms of certain foods havng certain penalties and other bonuses to a given stat.

There might also sometimes be more concrete, consistent rules for certain things, for example, how fish affects fishpie seems to match up exactly with the stats that the roasted fish would give you. How flour affects fishpie, though? I couldn't make it out. It seemed different per kind of fish.

Is the above true or am I just stupid? Why is this game a well of insanity like this? And why does it please me to my very core? Isn't life complicated enough? Apparently my heart says no.
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Re: Are effects of different recipes procedurally generated?

Postby Sevenless » Sun Jun 06, 2021 2:17 pm

It's procedural, but there are hidden "tendencies" that can be somewhat predictive.

Kvann for example "rolls" stats into other slots.



See how they all get shifted? You can't predict reliable which stats will shift, but you know that kvann will always have that effect type. Recipes that are interesting to kvann are ones with +2 stats that are low, and very large +1 stats.

As for ingredients, there's hidden "attributes" that interact with other ingredients and with the recipe itself. Seal has agility and dexterity commonly in recipes, and stinging nettle has dexterity. It's quasi-predictable that if you can use both those ingredients in the same food you'll see some amount of +dex show up.

Final note, ingredients have rough "tiers" of potency. It's extremely rare that low tier ingredients (boar meat as an example) will generate great foods. High tier foods, like cachalot or troll meat, will often create amazing foods because of this hidden potency trait. Seal is an example of what I mentally refer to as tier 3.

There are roughly 4 tiers, but I'm pretty sure these aren't actually in the "code" but more of a rough grouping you can apply. Tier 1: +1 stats, rarely in large amounts (chantrelles). Tier 2: decent amounts of +1, rarely +2 (bear), Tier 3: can commonly create +2 with the right recipes/spices (seal), Tier 4: generally godly and almost always pops out +2 (cachalot). Of course due to the procedural nature and the way it's programmed, there are hidden surprises that occasionally pop up.


This recipe comes from left field. None of the ingredients are particularly known for creating +dex other than chicken itself (and the bird used to stuff has very little impact on the resulting stats in this recipe).

Right now being a good cook is knowing how to use the most up to date recipe site, and understanding the predictive rules to fill in gaps in the recipe website which might create good recipes.
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Re: Are effects of different recipes procedurally generated?

Postby SariSari » Sun Jun 06, 2021 2:34 pm

Sevenless wrote:Helpfulness

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