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Re: Charter Stone Adventures

Postby spawningmink » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:15 pm

so are you setting it back up?
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Re: Charter Stone Adventures

Postby Goom » Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:45 am

Sorry old chap, it's a bit of a trek back and since no one else seems too keen to advertise other charterstones, don't think I can be bothered.
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Re: Charter Stone Adventures

Postby Kaios » Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:22 am

If anyone is bored and wants to take a look around Highgarden I've turned on the charter but I did not allow for spawning. You can port to 1HG1 however I will be turning it off again before I go to bed.

Edit: It's off for now but I might turn it on again tomorrow night too. Thank you to the one visitor that showed up :D
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