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Gratulations, you are just taking the first step to get your problem solved.
Please read through this HOWTO and act accordingly for a swift resolution.

Game Client Issues

When you encounter a bug with the client (=problem running the game)
- check if it is already posted by someone else, also search the stickies.
- check if your java and drivers are up-to-date
- check that you use graphics drivers from manufacturer, not from Microsoft (Windows only)
- in case you have intel graphics and can't move you might need 64 bit java (download Windows Offline (64-Bit) from here, info here)
- in case you have an Intel CPU and NVIDIA Graphics Card and have problems: read this thread
- in case you just upgraded your video drivers (especially NVIDIA as of january 2017) and the client fails now: rollback to an older version
- for a Address family not supported by protocol family: connect exception look here for a solution
- MacOS users unable to start the game because of Java security find a possible solution here

In case you use a custom client
- reproduce the issue with the Official Client, report directly to the author of that client if the bug isn't showing in the official one

When writing a new bug report about the client
- pick a good title (game dosn't work does not cut it)
- specify details about your machine, operating system and java version
- post type and version of graphics card(s) and driver, in case you have problems with graphics (or none at all)
- what did you do to trigger it
- attach the java stacktrace in case you get one

Gameplay issues

In case you have parts of the interface missing in the Official Client
- click the world surface once, then press space several times

In case the game directs you far away (or even beyond the map borders) in quests or toward party members
- stop using :cam bad, it has the name for a reason

In case you encounter gameplay bugs
- check if it is already posted by someone else (also search GLoSQ for a good chance to find an answer to simple things)
- check the Announcements for recent changes
- pick a good title (example: bug does not cut it, something like Clay Cauldron: repair needs metal bar is better)
- list the steps to reproduce the issue, if possible

Final Words
This is not intended to be snarky or a fuck you, it is a simple fact that a 'does not work' is not enough to diagnose a computer problem. Also please don't forget that Loftar works alone on everything code related, so it might take a bit to reach your problem on his todo-list. Following the howto will make handling of bugs easier for Loftar and accelerate fixing them, so give good infos to track the bug pest down and help speed up the process for everyone.
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