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Re: Cosmetic Store item: Reskins/Remodels

Postby Dondy » Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:44 pm

I would love to see a greater range of hairstyles, hair colours and most especially skin colours. Make these one of the monetized options and I would be in the Shoppe with my credit card number. If that works and gains you some sales, add a paunchy body choice and a tall and scrawny one and a couple of variations in facial styles and have it revert to standard after three months or six months if you don't renew your appearance subscription.

Tokens are no use to me - I have to have someone to sell them to, and there has to be a market that I can find without bothering myself with annoyances like Twitch. If I buy one and sell it I can use the coin to buy higher Q equipment but that's not hugely interesting to me, because I play for character development, not competitively. I like to see my little settlement taking shape. It's nice to go from a stone axe to finding a q127 pickaxe in the water (thanks whoever tossed that in!) but only because of the serendipity. When my lonely neighbour who has been playing since Day 1 of the world gives my little nub a full set of level 300 equipment and clothing with three guilds on each piece they are playing the game for me, and there becomes no point my going on with that character at all. Tokens appear to me to do the same thing - they are only useful for competitive players who care about the difference between Q340 wheat and Q410 wheat but don't want to do the grinding. But if I could pay extra to have a different style of house appear in my build menu I'd be so very, very tempted. Like the hats that I can give away, I could always build them for my friends, and if someone were to destroy it I could run away and settle somewhere else, or start a new character and work them up so they can build them to, so I wouldn't feel that it was a dangerous investment that someone could steal from me, like buying a pearl necklace.

You could also have a different style of brick oven, and a different boat, a snekja that displays with different lines. How about paying for the ability to build stone fortifications, similar to the brick walls? The trick would be to keep them essentially equal to a brick wall so the only difference would be cosmetic. Have the recipe be the same as the brick wall but with the addition of some of the prodigious quantities of trash stone that miners produce.

I'd even pay extra for different variations in the appearance of trees that I already have - suppose my apple trees came in two distinct summer and fall appearances instead of just one. If I paid a dollar for this feature I'd smile every time I saw my orchard and go check the Shoppe to see if there were other new similar features I could pay for.

I'd pay extra too if my shovel looked like a snow scoop in winter.
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