Village shield and making a Trade post

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Village shield and making a Trade post

Postby stya » Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:15 am

Here is the context, I want to make an open trade post somewhere with a charterstone. This means I need 8 rock crystals to be able to port from my village to the trade post, they are expensive and hard to find but can eventually be gathered.

Now let's say I have a location, built walls, pclaim, vclaim, etc.. It took me about a day. I have to wait another day to have the village become active and that's alright. Now the shield is starting from 0 at a rate of 300 per hour it will take more than a full week to charge (7200 per day from 60 000). Let's be honest this is extremely long, I can understand while a sieged village's shield shouldn't regenerate too much but this is a fresh village. I would have waited and make a stock, set up everything to be ready for the first customers buuuuut here comes the biggest problem, my village is considered to be under siege. The shield is too low and I have to wait until it gets to 55k to use the charterstone. This takes about 7 days and 15h. I won't fill the trade post until the shield is high enough to use the charterstone and I will probably need one day to finish the preparations before opening the post.

So in the end I need 1 day to build the post, 1 day to form village, 7 days 15h to be able to travel, probably 1 more day to finish filling the post and let the shield get closer to it's maximum. That's more than 10 days just to open a trade post...

Don't you think this is too much? :cry:

jorb wrote:[*] Charter stones now disable when their shield goes below 55000HP, rather than 48000. Not sure if it matters much.

It does, it's almost 1 full regen day :o
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Re: Village shield and making a Trade post

Postby thomas_ewing » Sat Apr 16, 2016 7:12 am

I agree. Perhaps a system by which the initial "charging" of the shield goes much faster than healing. Maybe it fills up in 48 hours to make it fit the same time scale as walls. Either way, it should be changed, quite simply.
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Re: Village shield and making a Trade post

Postby jorb » Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:00 pm

Ah, hmmm. The charterstone should probably look at how much damage the shield has taken, rather than simply its level. I thought that was how it worked already, but apparently not. Will look at it.
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