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camera zoom

Postby wonder-ass » Sat Aug 01, 2020 1:34 pm

being able to zoom out as far as we can kinda ruined the immersion of the game some people dont even see characters anymore just cubes with numbers.
i wanted to know how many people prefer this over being locked to a set amount of zoom you cant appreciate anything anymore everyone just turns off trees and the game turns in to lines cubes and numbers in pvp. only a few people ever kept trees on during pvp and it REALLY made their pvp video shine above the others. but you're at an obvious disadvantage when you turn them on.

side notes
tree density really forced people to turn off trees because there are just too many trees on screen now
cant really tell how a bounding box looks like from the tree itself need to turn it off
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Re: camera zoom

Postby kiddoinc » Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:16 pm

reducing the max camera zoom has made me quit so many games. we want freedom to look down upon our ant avatars.
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Re: camera zoom

Postby Lalaxx » Wed Aug 05, 2020 3:55 am

Maybe custom client makers should make option to click through trees without disabling them with ctrl+H. but at last it's for PvP'ers to decide if they want make good pvp video or standard trash cubic laser show video. no need in forcing.
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Re: camera zoom

Postby Nightdawg » Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:12 pm

I used to play world of warcraft at zoom levels that made it look like warcraft 3 (as long as I wasn't inside a dungeon that collided with my camera everywhere).
This is just a preference for me, I guess it is for many others too (kind of like how some people use the ortho camera while my eyes can't stand that abomination). In hafen I kept the zoom even above the "sight" range or whatever, not just for pvp.

The nature of the pvp gameplay really forces you to disable trees, cause you're seeing your character from above, in a game in which pvp is pretty much 99% running around. Had it been first/third person, you would actually see on what you're walking and where you're headed, but since hitting trees punishes the one getting chased and you can't see the path clearly when your camera is set at an angle from above, it's pretty much a must.
Disabling trees boosts my fps New client really fixed this, even on my shit computer it runs better than old render client with them disabled, so I hope nobody will use it as an argument xD

I wouldn't be surprised if people would manage to hack this "force trees on" thing in less than 6 hours before a patch that would do it.

Also forcing trees on + allowing bounding boxes is pretty much the same thing but with extra steps? It would still look ugly, if not uglier.

Maybe pvp needs to be changed from a 3 hour run-around for every fight till someone runs into a palisade, in order for this to be not annoying if forced :(
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Re: camera zoom

Postby MagicManICT » Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:54 pm

You couldn't force trees on... unless the graphics are served from the another computer, such as with Steamlink, Playstation Now!, etc. As long as the process is rendered on the local system, then you can hack it however you want. (The only question is violations of Terms of Service, EULA, etc.)

Lalaxx wrote:Maybe custom client makers should make option to click through trees without disabling them with ctrl+H. but at last it's for PvP'ers to decide if they want make good pvp video or standard trash cubic laser show video. no need in forcing.

I've played more than a few games where this is the rendering choice so that a person gets a balance of "mystery" of things hiding some distance from them, but at the same time can see what is next to them so they can interact with it... as far back as the first Fallout, and maybe sometime before that. (Just the earliest game I can recall with it.)

Also, not sure who is left here that was in the earliest of Salem alphas, but the trees were proportionally sized to the avatars. You literally couldn't see the trees for the forest. Nice for ambiance, terrible for gameplay.
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