Ground Blasting for building a very long flat ground

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Ground Blasting for building a very long flat ground

Postby ciba » Tue Sep 08, 2020 12:00 pm

I remember playing this with my friend and idk if it makes it easier with a better shovel but to keep up with matience my palisade and 3 homes collapsed from disrepair from me not making the foundation good enough but if i wanted to build a long palisade wall i should be able to make Blast Charges, lay them along a forest and idc if i gotta bring around a chair a pipe and a bucket i should be able to if i want to span out over a mountain or hill and ignore how many squirrels this would hurt, also i should be able to put sap on snow and eat it to enjoy winter and get some extra strength to embrace getting stone early. thank you :)
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Re: Ground Blasting for building a very long flat ground

Postby KingfishCid » Wed Sep 09, 2020 11:32 pm

I'm confused beyond a doubt on what to try & comprehend. Palisade maintenance? Do you lack a claim or returned to an expired old claim? If its not that but trying to dig up the land you can use a land survey. A metal shovel, even a quality 50 one, can clear a large amount of land relatively quickly. Did you even have a claim to begin with? If not then try making a personal claim, expand it out a bit, pave the area you'll build a home, then go from there. Does not hurt to pave the land your palisade would be on either. Or are you talking about the pain of having to clear the land of trees, removing the stumps, flattening the land for your palisade, then going from there?

On an unrelated note: English motherfucker do you speak it? God gave Man punctuation for a reason good sir! :x
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