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Re: Mastery System - WARNING: EXTREME FUN

Postby MagicManICT » Thu Dec 03, 2020 6:53 pm

Zentetsuken wrote: I think everybody concedes to the fact that adding a spark of life back in to this game will require more than a couple hours of dev time per week.

Unfortunately, that may be all the time they have. Until jorb and loftar get an angel investor to cover their living expenses while they create their masterpiece, they'll have to restrict themselves to such schedules. Such is a fact of life. I'd love to live in a utopian society where we can all pursue our dreams*, but we don't, and our overlords demand of us a certain amount of labor a week to maintain sustenance and shelter. Everyone has to make their own decisions on how to best fulfill their lives. Sometimes that's making a grand work of art, other times that's having family or career.

I think that ideas should be in the realm of practical. I don't know how jorb and loftar's thoughts have changed over the years on working with a team on Haven, but it's always been "their project." It's not the first and not going to be the last indie game like this. I think ideas should respect such decisions--if there isn't a desire to expand the team, then ideas should reflect that value and be supportive of it.

I don't want to discourage anyone's ideas. Sometimes the greatest spark for inspiration can come from the strangest places. Some folks, me being one of them, holds themselves back for "what's practical." Others can aim for the stars and be happy when they just get ahead a few steps.

*not... this is what got us some of the worst societal systems. Capitalism, much like democracy, sucks for creating stable, peaceful societies, but there isn't a better system currently in existence that still allows the level of freedom to pursue one's dreams.
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