Inherit gain curve

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Inherit gain curve

Postby vatas » Sat Nov 28, 2020 6:05 pm

If have less than 100 stats: You gain 100% back if you bury your corpse

100-300 stats: Curve in between

If you have 300-1000 stats: Inheritance works like it does now

If you 1000+ stats:, At just 1000 it still works like now but slowly starts to go lower.

Possibly hardcap maximum inheritance is 1000 stats.

What kind of effect this would have on the game? At worst it's gonna be one faction who kills everyone else's 10k titans and then nobody can challenge them. Hopefully it would lead to people being more willing to make 1000 stat fighters and challenge the titans who would have much more to lose if they were to die.
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