Hidden day/night variables critique+idea

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Hidden day/night variables critique+idea

Postby Nightdawg » Mon Nov 30, 2020 1:25 pm

I don't exactly know how to describe those hidden variables, I am talking about those things that affect creature spawns during days and nights.
Some of them are somewhat visible (like the full moon, which triggers massive wolf spawns), but others are either too obscure for my brain, or simply not visible in any way.

I have no clue what affects the following:
- Massive lynx spawns
- Massive mammoth spawns
- Massive wolverine spawns(?)
- Massive bear spawns(this one might sometimes be tied to moose spawns? but sometimes not?)
- Massive moose spawns (this one might sometimes be tied with bear spawns? but sometimes not?)
- Beaver spawns (idk if there's a variable here, sometimes it feels like I get 10 spawns, sometimes 0)

Also, are continents affected by these hidden things at different times?
Do these things depend solely on the moon cycles?

I believe these things to be very obscure, and very unpleasant. This was my critique.

Here's my idea:
Perhaps add a bonus to the hunter/strider credo that allows us to use an ability that tells us what kind of day/night it is.
Hunters should actually know when animals and stuff come out, so it would make sense for me to have some way of determining if it's a massive mammoth spawn night in the mountains, without having to go there every night.
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