Tiered crops

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Tiered crops

Postby Fostik » Wed Dec 02, 2020 12:11 pm

I know, everything like that sounds really weird, because it means partial rejection of the non-alternative quality system, so mostly this thread does not pretend to be the only possible way to fix quality spiraling and replace legacy farming system, but pursues a goal to start discussion.

So, since we have issue with endless crop quality, which devs tries to limit by different mechanics, why not rework agriculture at all?
Almost all crops belongs to a group, e.g. cereal, tuber, fibre, etc., and the idea is to postpone fast achievement of all existing crops, split them to 3 tiers, and achieve each tier with your progress.
Cereals can be split to tiers: barley - millet - wheat.
Achievement of every next tier will be postponed by character/base/group development.
You can get first tier directly from nature, like collecting WWW
Next tiers should be much harder to get, for example tier 2 and 3 seeds can only be collected as dungeon drop, or will randomly spawn from www after certain world stage (but this lacks challenge)
Higher tier crops should remove current issues with quality, variable food, and other farming, listed below.

Issues that must be resolved:
Need of replanting too often
High tier crops can get higher yield, bigger grow time, and bigger quality bonuses per replant. Also they can require bigger farming multiplier per it's quality, for example tier 3 crop will require x3 farming, quality 100 crop will need 300 farming.
This will allow to remove replant tedium and need in bots to hold your base, by achieving high tier crops you simplify your base processes

Quality spiraling
People forced to raise crop quality endlessly to race other players, this endless quality wars looks more and more autistic every world.
High tier cultures should depend less on quality, but have high stats from itself. In simply words, tier 3 crop q90 should be better than tier 1 crop q360

Variable food
As we know, variable food are too variable, and while it's okay for different meats, but total change of recipe from different crops looks weird for me.
Make it so, that being used in variable food, high tier crop will provide more stats bonus rather than additional stat appearance in recipe.
From this idea, unique tiered crops should provide more stat bonus and create better FEP food rather than different stat appearing in resipes, like barley - con, wheat - agi, millet - shit.

Need of growing all existent crops at a time
Currently player need to plant all existent crop to be sure that he will be able to raise all stats, to achieve all stats in variable foods, etc.
High tier crop should replace low tier, so you will not need to plant all crops at your base at a time.

Player segmentation
Just like another player segmentation mechanic, tiered crops will split players to different tiers of their development for some time.
Players will be unable to achieve everything in few month, so they will need to collaborate, trade, raid, etc.

Quality integration
This is still big question, qualities of crops affects much more game mechanics, like animal food, crafted food and other crafted stuff, so should be considered additionally.
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