Smudge Fires for Midges

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Smudge Fires for Midges

Postby Axyx » Tue Mar 29, 2022 7:13 pm

So a short tale from my own life:

When I was about 15 I spend the summer in a place called Pioneer Outfitters Lodge, out in the middle of nowhere Alaska. If you didn't know, mosquitoes are the state bird up here! That particular summer they were out in force, looking for blood. The guy that owns the lodge has been up there his whole life and he taught me a nifty trick. Mosquitoes very much dislike smoke. Now I know that midges are not mosquitoes so you can reel back the ahkshually action. Point is, he taught me about what he called a "smudge fire". I have no idea if that is a real term commonly used and known but he used it and now so do I.

He would take a few blocks of wood and some bark, put them in a 55gallon metal drum, get a fire going and then smudge the fire with big patches of moss and leaves. This causes a very thick smoke to come out of the fire. I'm talkin fog machine thick. It took about ten minutes to take effect and what do you know, the mosquitoes wanted NOTHING to do with that area. Go a ways from the smoke and sure as shit there were skeeters there for blood but they did NOT like going into that smoke.

How about we add something like that to the hearthlands? I know there were a wide range of naturalistic methods for repelling biting bugs in use for about as long as we humans have been walking. Im thinkin somethin like:

20 Clay (to simulate the 55gal drum)
5 Wood Blocks
50 Thatching material
50 Leaves

Make it just a 1x1 thing or about the same size as the Crucible/Clay Urn. Emit its smoke effect for a designated radius. Somethin reasonable like 150 tiles? Maybe less? Nothing extreme mind you. The effect in real life only lasted a handful of hours, five at the max. Mechanically it doesn't seem like a difficult addition but I don't do the code wizardry and my knowledge on such is limited to og StarCraft map editor and RPG Maker MV.

Anyway, just thought that could be a reasonable addition to the Hearthlands.
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