Shipwreck graveyard

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Shipwreck graveyard

Postby heeheega » Tue Jul 12, 2022 1:14 am

While you were travelling through deadly whirlpool, barely escaping shipwreck and cold grasp of sea king, you get to the unchartable location:Shipwreck graveyard-you heard about this place from your ancestors, legends were passed through of generations.Giant crustaceans, enormous oysters containing treasures of sea, sharks and most importantly, creatyre of myth-Kraken.The beast of beasts which sunk countless ships.And of course since its watery grave of many sailors and their vessels you get to loot their cargo, if you of course can get to them.

I think the premise is intresting and fit the game.You get to the dungeon while travelling through whirlpools, at random of course.Once you leave, you are not able to return.I dunno how dungeon itself have to look like:should it be some island or shallow waters of coral reef but i guess you get it.Giant crustaceans provide high q meat and chitin.Oysters even if empty be used in recipes for better quality of food like driftkelp or mmushrooms.Some variety of sea creatures which are presented as mobs.Boss is either giant crab hermit with whale skull for shelter or kraken.I guess that what i had in mind
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