Charter Stone building cost buff- for trade purposes

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Charter Stone building cost buff- for trade purposes

Postby noindyfikator » Mon Jul 18, 2022 6:42 am

Dear developers,

this update is very nice, awesome QoL for markets and trading system

jorb wrote:Re-Added "Charter Stone"s. A Village may build a Charter Stone on its territory, and set a (secret) name for it. Anyone can travel from any Thingwall to any Charter Stone they know the secret name of. You do not need to have visited the Charter Stone previously to travel to it. You can not travel between Charter Stones. You can set Charter Stones to allow the spawning of new characters by them. Porting to a "Charter Stone" will apply a visitor debuff to the character porting to it.

It would be really nice when smaller traders / smaller villages could have their "10x10" trade area with local goods. I would be more than happy to visit small village via Charter Stone to buy morels during Autumn.

However.. Charter Stone requires rock crystal to be build. When new world starts, a lot of spruces/smaller groups won't have access to such resources.

What do you think about replacing rock crystal with more available resource? This would improve trade system, create more interactions between players. Markets still will be a thing. People will start building trade spots near their bases etc. For me it sounds dope.
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