Raining Cats and Dogs

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Raining Cats and Dogs

Postby freak99 » Wed Aug 03, 2022 10:05 am

Two ideas in one for the new world :ugeek:
First off, new tamed animals. Two utility focused ideas instead of just livestock

Dogs are tamed Wolves and Cats are tamed Lynx. This isn't really that far from aurochs transforming into domesticated cattle, so i think it fits.
Tames should be same as currently in game livestock. Maybe with meat (dogs) and fish (cats) instead of clovers.

As for what they actually do, I have a few ideas,

Dogs could be trained to help you fight, help shoo herd animals, bring you items, pull kick sleds faster in the winter, sniff out wild animals and criminals.
Max dogs following you should be capped by some stats like will or charisma, actual damage is based on dog quality and genetics like other animals. To balance this each different ability should need to be trained somehow, maybe with different or specific meat or sausage types to give as reward. Perhaps a mini fep meter for each dog, with different meats increasing their speed damage and health, and eventually unlocking skills.

Cats would passively bring you random local / seasonally appropriate forgeable items, and dead small game over time with a chance at rare and extremely rare new curios. Each cat could have different interests as well that affect what kind of things it brings you. To balance this, they should only bring you things if they are content. I think you should need to interact with your cats regularly, feed them by hand, and maybe even use yarn and some fishing tackle to play with them to keep them content and tame. Cats could use and sit on furniture, and could claim specific chairs and beds as their favourites, inexplicably and randomly of course; Gameplay reason for this? Soul. (increased effective bed quality if there is a cat on it)

Unlike livestock, I think if their food supplies run out they should be able to scavenge, either through village containers, tables, stockpiles or outside the village, at a cost to their tameness. Eventually if they scavenge enough of their own food they will become wild again. Interacting with them, feeding them by hand etc should rapidly recover their tameness. (Or maybe farming level vs pet quality)

As for the raining part of the subject; Weather.
Rain comes and goes and aside from looking pretty, it could; affect the quality of crops depending on if it's raining too much (plants undernourished) or a drought (plants undernourished), fill water catcher buildings with water slowly over time during rainy seasons to (help out with tedium for people who live far away from water.)
Maybe high level hearth magic or rituals could influence the weather to add some late game mechanics to farming. Example: Go talk to old mate tree, bring him tribute successfully and he will make it rain over your farms for 3 moons, end a drought for you, or curse another village with drought to directly influence the quality race.
Storms are rare but bring curiosities, eg. trees that have been struck by lightning. Storms could also increase the amount of damage done to boats if they are sailing the high seas, adding a smidgen of depth to charting out your boat trips. (Storm bad, stay away from stormy waters, curiosities or rarer, higher quality ocean creatures could come out during storms to encourage the brave and foolish)

Thank you for reading :D
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