Crude Smoking

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Crude Smoking

Postby TwentyThree » Sun Aug 07, 2022 2:49 am

I was recently smoking some beef in my tip top super advanced smoker made of an old barrel, tasted delicious by the way (I used maple), when I thought about how people *used* to smoke things.

Obviously we have the smoker in game, which is a great early way to make new foods, but could we possibly also have a way to smoke food just over a fire? Take the spit, we could add another of the same time type of item but have it be made of boughs (to contain the smoke). Alternatively, we could add just a wooden grill over a NON-active fire with coals to simulate the smoking effect.

It could take maybe an hour or two IRL, but we could have a base and dirty version of the smoked meats from the built smoker, and possibly smoked/dried versions of fruit like apples or berries. I think expanding the ways we can prepare early foraged foods would benefit us a lot. Make it simple where it increases the fep by a small amount, and making it a variety food. Something small, but beneficial.


Something like this.

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