Caveat Emptor (Let the buyer be aware)

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Caveat Emptor (Let the buyer be aware)

Postby LadyV » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:57 pm

Welcome to Apples for Oranges, hereafter AfO.

Some good rules of observation before trading.

1) Inquire if any of the goods your buying are stolen or bloodstained. Some raiders resale loot and they may have scents to which others can track to where you are.

2) Try to not trade with an essential character. It is rare a trader will kill you but it has happened.

3) When trading with a trader for the first time. Be sure to have read what they offer and what they expect. Please have it ready.

4) If you are trading with a community or public market area please observe all rules they set. It is their place and their choice to allow you in. Now the hardcore rogue' and raiders will probably still be there to steal now and then but you worry about your conduct. This is not a how to to be one of those.

5) If you need something but it is not on a traders list be polite and ask if they are willing to sell other things. If they say no then find another merchant. I always found there was someone willing to sell it if you took the time and were respectful.

6) So you have your new item you traveled so far to get. You don't know if it falls into rule #1. Have a walled area, say in a cave, where you can store ti in a chest and wait for maximum time on scents to expire. If someone comes for a scented item its tracked to a location your not living at and it wont hurt you if they break in and take it. Yes it is an annoying thing to have to wait but if you are not up to defending yourself from raiders then err on caution.

I'm sure I may be missing a few other suggestions but these are a good start. Best of luck and hopefully you make new friends with traders!
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