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Postby MagicManICT » Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:08 am

Jalpha wrote:I pity the poor person who would waste endless hours screening video gamers chats for legitimate security concerns.

The NSA has been doing it for a good decade now. I'm sure other governments have their digital intel agencies doing it, too. (IIRC, at least the German and British intel communities are doing it.)

But yeah, I'm sure they light up like a mall during Christmas.

And I'm sure they're just pulling data as it comes across pipes, just like they do with every other bit of network traffic.

sMartins wrote:Briefly, to make it clear for everybody: you like so much using bots in hnh, soon or later some people will use bots against you in real life and we'll see if you still like it.
Even games needs rules.

Too late. It's not called a "bot net" for nothing. They're used for about every type of hacking you can think of.
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