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Community Fair

Postby Chebermech » Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:07 am

Hello everyone and welcome to Community Fair!
A place where friends and foes can have some fun, as well as earn and spend some real in-game currency! You've heard it right, our market offers people fair trade with real golden and silver coins attached to their original value, so we will not be able to scam you even if we wanted to!


The time has come for the community of Haven and Hearth to have a fair market where the economy will shape itself based on real value and not some made up shenanigans, a place where people of different skill and progress level will have an equal opportunity at participating in the global haven economy!

Get ready to be Hedgehugged by our trusted professionals and participate at the community events such as, but not limited to: racing and shoe-ball! Win prizes and audience's sympathy, as well as lose and still get your dose of adrenaline!


Some things you should know about the Community Fair.

Founding Fathers and Mothers: Hedgehugs.
Location: South edge of the map, a bit to the west
Visitors, Traders and event participants must: be anyone.
Our Discord channel invite code:
Our Charter Stone Secret (closed for fresh spawns): Community Fair

Location of crossroads you can reach us at:
All of the known crossroad locations leading up to Community Fair
are now visible for everyone on the oddimap!
Image Image Image Image ImageImageImageImageImage

Price Check:
A pretty useful tool that is worth mentioning, where you can check the prices as well as availability of every single shop in Community Fair, that is being updated on daily basis! It's got a Search bar with filters, Pins with shop locations and all the information you need to find the best deal!


Important info for people who would like to setup a shop:

If you would like to install a trading stand at our marketplace, its completely free! All you need to do is contact Piffih, Ichizu, bubbey or Tuz in our discord channel (invite code listed above), and we can work out the placement and the amount of trading stands you will need. We have a rough plan of where to expand more shops if need be, but feel free to suggest any ideas.

Trading Stand storage will be pre-claimed and walled off by one of our representatives and you will be given access of every right except for vandalism.

We offer store houses of every different kind, starting from Timber house and ending with Towers, depending on your needs and shop volume. If you will ever need more stands that what you begin with we can always dig out a cellar for more storage space and build more stands, or move you to a bigger house. Shop owners will be contacted if their shop goes inactive for more than 2-3 weeks, depending on the location (if its in a high demand area).

I would strongly recommend using Darki's flat cupboard mod, not that i have anything against the original ones, the problem is you might develop severe claustrophobia if you stay too long in a confined space surrounded by bulky coffins. And also Discord is now a must have in order to communicate with to get a stall.

Rules of trade are a few and simple:

1. We don't allow foreign currency (Golden,Silver and Iron Quills only), or if you don't want to, you don't have to use coin currency at all, just trade items for items, its cool.
2. We don't allow Golden or Silver metal bars/nuggets to be bought/sold at any barter stands except for our official ones. We would like to control our currency and set our own rate for it, feel free to have your own exchange rate between silver and golden coins or outbid us on any other items we buy or sell, except for golden and silver bars and nuggets. If you would like to purchase our coins with bars, you can only do it at our stands, and if you would like to use silver or gold for trades, you'll have to use our coins instead of bars or nuggets. We do this to inject more of our currency into the economy and not run out or be dependent on our own miners to generate more coins. We also put a small tax on the currency print, making it 90 coins per corresponding bar. This is the only tax we have, to pay out for our hard work and management of this nice place, as well as to protect ourselves from running out of currency.
3. Keep your barter stands active. If you go inactive or quit the game, please let us know. If barter stands aren't being used for 2-3 weeks, we will contact the owner and if we don't hear from him/her in 3-4 days, or if things stay the same for the next week, we will revoke the shop and place all the items aside in our storage house for the shop owner to pick up later. If shop owner returns to being active again, we are happy to help and open a new shop.
4. Don't leave your character offline inside your CF Shop while under criminal debuff. One thing is to store your valuables or stolen goods, but another is to completely escape from pvp outcomes, so please don't do it. If there are scents leading to any of the CF storehouses, I would evict the offline character to keep it a fair game.

Current development:

Community Fair is always expanding and marketplace is only a small part of it. Eventually we are hoping to create a more larpy environment as well as areas for community events, games and tournaments. While you might notice some construction is in process, don't let that scare you off, you can still shop at the barter stands as well as book and setup your own!

If you have any specific questions, you can contact one of our representatives on skype: kingbubbey, chebermech. Also feel free to join our discord channel listed above and ask questions that you might have there.

How to trade Hand-to-Hand:


Our place offers a hand-to-hand trade zone that allows anyone to be able to pick things up from the floor as well as the containers that are located in the area around the charter stone. While it's a great thing to have for a trade, be careful not drop anything by an accident in there, even though you'll be able to pick it back up, someone else will also have the ability to do the same.


We have 4 sheds setup in a way where normally only 2 people will be able to look and take from the inside of a shed, but of course if you squeeze in too closely, you can get in a 3rd person to peak and take things out of it. For that matter we recommend using Shift + B and make sure no-one but you and your trade partner is able to use the shed. Sheds have 64 inventory slots as well as 4 large item slots. Be advised that vandal rights are turned off in the area and you will not be able to create stockpiles, so the only safe way to trade in bulk would be through the sheds inventory exchange, or if you trust enough someone, you can exchange wheelbarrows without checking for contents.


If you would like to check the quality of a large item, ask your trade partner to enter one of 8 quality check rooms located in the charter stone hand-to-hand trade area, similar to what you see in the picture above, and follow him/her into it, blocking the entrance with your character so no-one else may enter. Ask your trade partner to place the item on the floor and Inspect it for quality before you buy it, please do not scam and steal things from people, its not nice! If it ever happens and you even have a proof in from of video, we can't do anything but to advise you to post it up for public, so people are more cautious of whoever scammed you.

Communism at Community Fair:


Fe̶air not comrades, we have also infused some communism in this capitalist nest, and made some free stuff that would help you get started and gain an upper bolshevik hand over those who don't know about our little project. We have a FREE quality 181 Kiln as well as a FREE quality 415 Pottery Wheel setup just a little bit north-east of the Shoo-ball field, not too far away from a quality 68 free orange well, though do not forget about our now also FREE q131 Fair Well that you can access via crossroad at the south exit for the great working class of Haven. The kiln is surrounded by various obstacles in such a way that only one person can use it at a time, using it while sitting on a horse is recommended and guarantees you 100% safety. Please respect your fellow comrades and wait in line before the person using the Kiln is finished, also do not burn more fuel than you need, as it prolongs the wait time of the comrades next in line and is overall bad for the environment.

How to gain currency:

There are many ways of getting our currency, and the best way would be to setup a shop and sell things while you are away. You can also "buy" currency from someone else's barter stands that ask for specific goods. Community Fair has several shops with an official Community Fair logo, similar to ones you see on the village banners, that sell currency for things like: Ant Queens and Empresses, Cloth, Silk Threads, Eggs, Pearls, Cast Iron Bars, Brimtone, Ropes and good quality Fine Clay, and of course you can always exchange raw golden or silver bars for coins at our official exchange stall. We also buy things like Game Tokens and Hats, price of which can be discussed in private

PvP Rules at Community Fair:

Community Fair still remains a neutral city and a marketplace for everyone including the enemies of Hedgehugs kingdom, yet it does not tolerate attacks on the city, city crossroads or neutral / peaceful visitors. So here are the guidelines you must follow in order to stay safe and/or not end up on Community Fair’s blacklist:

1. Do not disturb the trade routes by blocking or destroying the crossroads that lead to and from Community Fair, that are officially pinned on
2. Do not attack unknown or neutral players inside the “Safety Zone”.
3. Area in 200 tile range around Community Fair, as well as Official crossroad stop locations (marked on odditown map) in radius of 50 tiles around the crossroads are considered a “Safety Zone” where No hostile activities may be initiated.
4. If you are a fighter and an enemy of Hedgehugs Kingdom, you may attack any HH confirmed fighters or combat alts inside the Safety Zone, as well as be attacked by them without a warning. The fight may continue inside the Community Fair if agroed outside.
5. If you are at war or in a conflict with HH, you may Not attack any unconfirmed fighters or combat alts or peaceful players, as well as no member of HH fighting force may attack any peaceful or unconfirmed character of an opposing faction, even if it belongs to one of the fighters (i.e. trade alts).
6. While Safety zone does not guarantee safety for neither HH Fighters or HH’s enemy’s fighters, it is still off limit for any vandalism at all or construction, apart from crossroads.

If you become a witness of these rules being broken, please take screenshots or record the videos and provide them to Community Fair representatives for further investigation. The punishment may vary, depending on circumstances starting from a single person ban to ban of a whole faction, so please PvP responsibly.

As always, any rules are a subject to change, so please keep an eye out for any updates before going in on a bloodthirsty rampage.

Crossroad Travelling Safety Guide:

- Whenever teleporting from or to CF by using crossroads, please take time for the redner to load up your screen and show exactly where you will be teleported to.
- If the location you are about to teleport to has unknown or hostile players in the area, think twice, or better not teleport at all until it is 100% safe.
- If the crossroad ends at an unusual location, due to being blocked, partially destroyed or de-routed, do not take the risk teleporting in. Take a screenshot and press the Right Click button to cancel the teleportation. Send the screenshot and location of a broken/blocked crossroad to any of the CF members.

CFL is now available!
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Re: Community Fair

Postby ChildhoodObesity » Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:02 am

im also selling a service at this market (ASMR) i charge 8 pearls per hour and we can do it over skype/discord and ive got a bed in my stonestead
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Re: Community Fair

Postby DDDsDD999 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:21 pm

This thread sure is hedge-huggable!
Jorb, you're literally hitler.
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Re: Community Fair

Postby algeralith » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:28 am

A+ Market so far. Gotten a ton of things I've needed!
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Re: Community Fair

Postby NOOBY93 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:44 pm

Went into the market, got tempted to buy high Q things I don't need, 10/10 would go again
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Re: Community Fair

Postby pedorlee » Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:53 pm

Whats the highest clay and coal you sell ?
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Re: Community Fair

Postby HappyBuffalo » Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:22 pm

Went there today. Nice market. Advise you to Visit the charter stone.
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Re: Community Fair

Postby Uriel » Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:50 pm

Great idea and tax is fair.
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Re: Community Fair

Postby mdsanta » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:42 pm

Much respect!!!

Screenshots look awesome.
Will definitively sail there at least for the visit and hopefully for the future trades!
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Re: Community Fair

Postby romovs » Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:43 pm

Are there any CRs leading to the market? Apparently 85 charisma is not enough to travel from our village :(
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