Small experienced group in search for pro community

Company of Dwarves seeking thief for dangerous mission. Find a group or village to play with here.

Small experienced group in search for pro community

Postby HappyBuffalo » Mon Aug 08, 2022 5:49 pm

In 2017 wipe I was the leader of "Golden Empire" about 40+ people group.
You could also know me from my old montages from

Decided to return to the game with 2 more people. We probably gonna be more laid off this wipe cos of work, but we want to be a part of a top group for fun activities.

What we can give:
Active play.
Competitive Q for farming, mining, tree-planting.
Help in guild activities like building a marketplace.

What we require:
Private property for our claim. Sharing is ok in the future, but communist clans are of no interest to us.
If any of the members in your clan are Russians, they should be actively condemning the current fascist regime in Russia.
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