Game Development: Spit'n'Polish

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Game Development: Spit'n'Polish

Postby jorb » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:50 am

We've been developing, and here's what's new.

New Implementations
Reimplemented Timber House.
Implemented a skill "Tunneling", which improves ores you find a fair bit. Metallurgy less important for ores by that same amount.
Implemented a Stone Column, which acts as a slightly improved mine support
Implemented 2 new experiences/lores

Key Fixes
Fixed an inverted condition causing industry skills to yield less, rather than more, wrought iron.
In response to this report we have introduced a stronger general upward trend in crop quality development per generation. Each quality dimension should have a chance per generation of losing as much as 2 points, and gaining as much as 5.
On some level I think we all know that we were having a wee bit too much fun, and thus archery damage now scales by the square of the aim-meter.
Paving tiles should now have hopefully nicer transitions
Fixed a bug which allowed you to steal without leaving theft scents by teleporting out of claims using a roadsign.
Fixed a problem with mining not checking for vandalism crime.
Fixed a bug which could accidentally pick up zero-quality for Bee Skep produce.
Should now always be able to log back in as per this report.
Bonds of Blood & Soil should renew automatically and free of charge when inheriting claims as per this report.
Attack!:ing a new target when already in combat should set the new target as your primary fighting relation as discussed here

Small Fixes
Should now be able to pave caves and mountains
Objects with a flower menu should now properly cancel active flower menus if tampered with, fixing this bug.
Can now both see and place construction signs for Authority objects and Hearth Fires without knowing their materials, fixing reports made in this thread that you could see but not place them.
Error message "Can't build there" changed to "You cannot build that on this type of terrain."
Cutthroat Knuckles should now improve damage of: Haymaker, Punch, Low Blow, Knock his Teeth out, and Left Hook.
Chicken Coop now checks for straw before checking for thatching. This was apparently very important.
Itsy Bitsy and his web should now be created with the proper qualities of whatever you were picking when you found them.
Added explanatory text to: Keys, Lock, Walls & Fences submenu, and Bee Skep.
Skulls and prepared hides can be hung on walls.
When digging for soil, your highest value of farming or survival, is used to determine your quality hardcap, rather than simply survival being used, all per this suggestion.
Tea Pots & Mugs should now have symbel values.
A player dying when mounted should dismount the player
Coop now has reasonable flatness requirements thanks to this report.
Object carrying objects (Leanto, Cart, Boat, Wagon) being destroyed should now properly scatter the objects in them, rather than delete those objects.
Plant Fibre now has a proper input type.
Built Mineholes can now be destroyed
Shovel should now aid in the removal of old stumps
Should now be possible to leave a village even if you are the lawspeaker, thus resigning your lawspeaker position.
Land surveys now time out after 1/3 of a week (one ingame week) of no use. Press "make level" once to keep active.
Cauldron now takes the same amount of fuel as a Fireplace, rather than more.
Cauldron should now properly update when water is taken from it
Fixed a bug with the cave entrance's bounding box.
Fixed a bug with the stone mansion's door blocking cupboard placement unnecessarily.
You no longer need the trespassing skill to enter or exit caves as per this report.
Reduced Tar Kiln soak.
Dragon Flies should no longer spazz out on non swamp/water tiles, but rather simply never leave swamp/water tiles.

Mechanic Clarifications
Each batch of a crop which is planted in the same area (roughly two minimaps), time (roughly five hours), and of the same type(carrots, peas, barley, &c), will be given the same random quality modification uniformly, and planted tiles of that batch will thus all have their qualities affected in the same way. This was intended to reduce what we perceived as the simple hassle of having to inspect each seed stack individually, and then perform the rather boring operation of simply selecting the best one. If you wish to maintain different crop "strains" -- presumably to have more samples with different random seeds to select from when replanting -- you may do that by planting several different fields at distances in time or space. We are not entirely sure how farming and potential crop selection should ideally work to be the most fun and engaging. Feel free to discuss.

Qualities of Bee Skeps do not matter for the quality of their produce.

Again, mostly bug fixes, so no new hat this time.

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Re: Game Development: Spit'n'Polish

Postby Shrapnelx » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:50 am

Great work Jorb & Loftar.

Edit: Eat shit DDDsDD999 ¦]
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Re: Game Development: Spit'n'Polish

Postby DDDsDD999 » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:50 am

Fine, fine, fine. I'll verify my account.

Jorb, you're literally hitler.
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Re: Game Development: Spit'n'Polish

Postby InterCityFirmWhu » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:53 am

Great update!
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Re: Game Development: Spit'n'Polish

Postby mamotromico » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:55 am

jorb wrote:On some level I think we all know that we were having a wee bit too much fun, and thus archery damage now scales by the square of the aim-meter.

NOW I see value on a slingshot
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Re: Game Development: Spit'n'Polish

Postby banok » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:55 am



Land surveys now time out after 1/3 of a week (one ingame week) of no use.

My villagers will be happy since I left one of these inside the pallisade.
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Re: Game Development: Spit'n'Polish

Postby painhertz » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:56 am

Can we just have the old archery aiming back instead of this semi-first person shooter crap?
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Re: Game Development: Spit'n'Polish

Postby DaniAngione » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:56 am

How was bow damage calculated before? I know it was a bit high, but my actual question is: can I still 1-shot foxes? :P


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Re: Game Development: Spit'n'Polish

Postby Sevenless » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:57 am

New paving is lookin' smexy.
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Re: Game Development: Spit'n'Polish

Postby CloudJhi » Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:57 am

Thank fukken god wrought is fixed.
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