Game Development: Grade-A Milk

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Game Development: Grade-A Milk

Postby jorb » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:29 am


We've been developing, and here's what's new.

New Implementations
  • Added Material Accounts and Teaching. Hold an item the types of which you'd like to teach to someone else, and right-click either him/her, or a blank parchment. You can thus either teach the material types directly, or create a document which does. Do note that you never get discovery LP from things taught to you.
  • Changed Food Satiations. Rather than remove some amount of Food Satiations every time you level up, we now instead remove only the most satiated type as soon as you have 4 satiation types below 50% -- i.e. you may only ever have 3 types satiated below 50%, and as soon as you get your fourth type below 50%, the most satiated type is cleared entirely. Loftar and I have both been playing with this alternative regime for some time, and have found it more interesting. Rather than quickly cleaning out all satiations and effectively never having any, you now instead generally speaking will build and have a more ongoing list of satiations targeting various food groups to manage, which will hopefully make it more relevant to consider the satiations, and perhaps also somewhat reduce the effectiveness of spamming strategies.
  • Added new mechanic for drinks. All drinks restore stamina much like water, but they also buff particular food satiations. Wine, for example, buffs Fruit and Cheese by 0.5% and 1% respectively, per gulp at Q10. It is thus possible to buff a satiation to 125% (i.e. a 25% bonus to things in that category) by drinking. Do note that each drink also adds a negative satiation against itself, thus reducing the effect of further consumption. Also note that drinks will count as half-quality if you drink them from a non-preffered vessel (i.e. drinking wine from anything but a wine glass). Drinking vessel type does not affect the effective quality for stamina regeneration purposes. Update your clients to avoid crashing on buffs above 100%!
  • Tea buffs Forage by 1%, Bread by 0.5%, and Food by 0.1%. Tea gets an effective quality bonus of 20 when piping hot.
  • Milk buffs Vegetables by 2%, and Berries by 1%. Milk debuffs Dairy, rather than Milk specifically.
  • Added/Re-Added Beer. Germinate Barley on a Herbalist Table. Roast Germinated Barley in a Kiln to get Malted Barley. Grind Malted Barley to Barley Grist. Craft Wort using hops and grist, and then store the wort in a Demijohn until it transforms to glorious Beer. Beer buffs Meat and Sausage by 0.5% and 1% respectively, per gulp at Q10.
  • Reworked tanning fluid production. You can now simply toss bark into water to get tanning fluid. Tanning fluid has a concentration percentage depending on how much tanning material -- bark -- you have put into it. Do note that tanning fluid needs to have a concentration of at least 5% to be active. You're welcome.

Key Fixes
  • Made it a crime of trespassing to enter claimed mine holes/ladders.
  • Fixed a bug by which mounted players could leave claims without losing visitor debuff.
  • Reduced the effect of Bonfires by an order of magnitude. Nothing to see here, move along.
  • Rafts can no longer carry siege machines, at least for now.

Small Fixes
  • Made it so qualites are capped downward at 1, rather than no quality, fixing this
  • Fixed a bug by which emotes interrupted ridge climbing.
  • Knarr should no longer require sketches. Really! Re-reported here.
  • Stockpiles should no longer block digging.
  • Increased Beet & Carrot stockpiles from 35 to 60, and Soil Stockpile from 80 to 250. Recently suggested all the time, everywhere.
  • Increased drop expiry time for stone, catgold, petrified seashell and strange crystals.
  • Created an action menu submenu called "Cooking & Ingredients" under "Processing & Materials", and moved a bunch of relevant stuff in under it.

In the Pipe
  • We have a couple of heavy development projects that loftar is focusing on, namely: a) some sort of push-out effect to help slide you along objects you bump into, rather than having you clip against everything, and, b), the object-controlled objects project. Both of these, and a couple of other things, depend on introducing floating point coordinates for objects, so the first step in those directions is indeed that.
  • We would like to spend some time tightening up and improving on more or less all the core systems of the game, and some of our ambitions are...
  • Curiosities: More variance, less spamming the same OP curios over and over. Make autostudy irrelevant, and prefferably make the study process more active and real time. Some curio recipes are just brokenly bad or OP, so flatten the curve a bit.
  • Combat: Improve the damage and armor models to make hits less one-shotty, and armor last longer. Improve the blocking model to reduce ugly ganks when you have no blocks for some dimension. Reconsider attack selection. Aim to keep combat discoveries, and some sort of deck construction. Remove randomness.
  • Food: Rebalance food to account for level caps, and generally reconsider values. Some other things.

So there's that.

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Re: Game Development: Grade-A Milk

Postby pimotimo » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:30 am

its a freaking sprucecapp
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Re: Game Development: Grade-A Milk

Postby Onep » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:33 am

“We still, alas, cannot forestall it-
This dreadful ailment's heavy toll;
The spleen is what the English call it,
We call it simply, Russian soul.”

An idea to consider: Tedium, a Feature.
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Re: Game Development: Grade-A Milk

Postby Duane » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:35 am

Thank you for all of this. It is now time to do the digging, and then we will have beer.
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Re: Game Development: Grade-A Milk

Postby avros008 » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:35 am

Beer is back oleyyy
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Re: Game Development: Grade-A Milk

Postby GodTest » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:36 am

Thanks for dirt stockpile update. :D
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Re: Game Development: Grade-A Milk

Postby CSPAN » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:37 am

yay beer, yay tanning fluid, thank you Jorb. Please spawn Rock Crystal node beside my village, thanks in advance!
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Re: Game Development: Grade-A Milk

Postby DaniAngione » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:37 am



Teaching discoveries...

Easier tanning fluid making...


I love you. :oops:
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Re: Game Development: Grade-A Milk

Postby loftar » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:37 am


Sorry, really, for not implementing drunkenness at this time. Will be coming. :)
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Re: Game Development: Grade-A Milk

Postby Kaios » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:38 am

Nice update, where is the beer hat tho
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