zones & workbenchs

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zones & workbenchs

Postby maze » Fri Nov 11, 2016 6:30 pm

Zones would be a way to advance H&H mechanics- think on the DF zones.
Currently we have a problem with a few things in the game like ~ Bots & work overload.
This would be semi on the lines of "since bots cant be beat the easyest way is to help everyone else ""bot""...." but honestly I see this more of a cut down on work overload.

so to explain...

A village will hunt a large supply of game food, then a butcher would have to run around butchering all the animals. This normally wares a butcher out from all the clicking, an a butcher in most cases will quit.

With zones J&L can make a few basic zones that also come with their own workbenchs. from the workbench you can set things within the zone. lets go back to butchery. so a butchery zone when an animal in placed within the zone. if someone go to the table i'll give the the option to butcher all & skin all.

With this outcome you now have all the items, Leather, meat, w/e.
There should be a way just like trading stalls, for the item to auto sort into [storage object].
and maybe a feature down the road to make the items like leather to auto stockpile.
Now the simple design and explaining is out of the way.
I like to see a system where you can assign a work bench pretty much anything to make a zone work for you, without needing set functions (butchery zone...)
So if you go up to the bench it will give you box so that you can set a function to it. [example: function: skin all] it will then look for the function of everything in the zone limits to do this.

You will then need to set a paper in the work bench for each item [Leather] and what it will do [sort storage] or [sort stockpile]
if the item cant do one the item will go into your inventory.

Moving on to more advance stuff since leather is the easy crap.
For tree planting you would need a workbench, [water] from a [barrel] or [bucket], [Soil] from a [stockpile] or [storage] and seed.
There would have to be a system in place to check for Q and highest Q.

when going to the work bench you set a paper to [Get Highest Q:Soil]
Another paper for [get highest Q:water]
Another for [get highest Q: seed]
And last for tree planter pot.

Then there would need to be a system in place for filling the treeplanters pot.
Likely a line of codding needs to be added to the pot itself so that the bench can execute a paper command.
Pot [fill with soil] [fill with water] [plant seed]

paper command will check for command [inventory: fill with soil] if there is the command it will try to execute the command.
do the rest water and seed.

there should also be a repeat system with the commands so that you can check a box and repeat the system.
The bench would have it [inventory] command prompt click it to check the executable commands. should be able to have 4 maybe 5 lines to be able to execute.
When you click the bench the name of w/e you give the command show up. like "find best q items for tree planter", "fill pot in inventory", "bench inventory"
With that we can likely move into the hardest of areas that I see~ cooking

Cooking has a bunch of needs, like stocking your [storage] or sorting.
mixing foods~ what we can do with get command and execute skill command.
loading ovens~ what can likely done with a sorting command and an extra inventory spot for a paper command.
loading ovens and fires with fuel- ^^ same thing as above.
Turning on ovens or fires.

Just a lot of things that would take a of time.

We can probley end with farming.
Farming already has a few commands and ways to work it, a work bench might mainly be for sorting.

The end all this is that this would make HnH more automatic- whats the point of playing one might ask.
But one can ask why does one bot in response.

There is a lot of things that are tiresome in this game. Work bench/zone would be mainly for doing repetitive clicking and just cut down on it.
And that would be the ideal benefit to it is that it reduces repetitiveness of manual city work.
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Re: zones & workbenchs

Postby Fierce_Deity » Fri Nov 11, 2016 8:11 pm

Workbench zones sound like an okay idea. I'd want them to not draw materials over walls, but other than that +1
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Re: zones & workbenchs

Postby maze » Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:53 pm

Fierce_Deity wrote:Workbench zones sound like an okay idea. I'd want them to not draw materials over walls, but other than that +1

I was thinking that you'd only be able to put work bench inside.
but i kinda figured people would want to use the bench to quick stock taning racks and tubs.
But I agree should not draw from over walls.
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