Game Development: Fighting Quail

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Game Development: Fighting Quail

Postby jorb » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:06 am

We've been developing, and here's what's new.


Introductory remarks
  • We're pushing the new combat system tonight.
  • Due to the large amount of ingoing variables of the systems involved, all implementations are desktop constructions which have not been exposed to the sobering air of (much) real life testing. You are the testers, and we will be eager to, in the coming weeks, take and act on your feedback.
  • Our ambition is to have a combat system with variance and structure, in which deck construction, equipment selection and fight execution all matter, and carry a significant amount of player skill and meaningful decision points at every step.
  • The system is in no way complete, but rather the main aim has been to get the foundation of the system to a point where it feels meaningful and possible to build further on it, and add more content in terms of attacks, moves, &c, thus hopefully further expanding choice and player skill.

Combat Changes
  • The red, green, blue and yellow color dimensions of attacks and defenses have been removed, and all attacks now, as the general rule, target, and increase, a single opening "Guard Down", in the opponent.
  • Some combat moves have individual cooldowns, meaning that they, apart from adding the normal cooldown before you can execute your next move, also have a personal cooldown of their own before you can use that combat move again.
  • Some attacks, generally those without local cooldowns or other specific prerequisites, are considered base attacks, and will automatically be set to repeat if you do not issue other commands, and will also revert to repetition again after another command has taken effect. Legacy players should be familiar with this.
  • The armor model has been changed. Previously hard armor soak removed damage with no damage to the armor, while soft armor soak removed damage with damage to the armor. Under the new model, both hard and soft armor soak eat damage at a cost of damage to the armor, but the soft soak is only gradually applied to incoming damage, with the full soft soak value of damage only being deducted from the damage if the damage exceeds 2x the soft soak value.
  • An exact formula for calculating soft soak would be. If X is ((Total damage - Hard soak) / Soft Soak) then the proportion of soft soak actually used to soak damage is 1 - (1 - X)2.
  • For example: Pelle is hit by an incoming attack of 110 damage, has 75 total hard soak, and 35 total soft soak. The 75 hard soak is deducted from the incoming damage, quite simply, and distributed as armor damage over the armor parts in proportion to their hard soak, and 35 points of incoming damage then remain. The total soft soak interval in this case is 70 damage, i.e., at 70 points of incoming damage (35 soft soak x 2) above hard soak, the entire soft soak value will be used to soak damage, which means that the 35 damage remaining in our example corresponds exactly to half the soft soak interval, which, using the underlying parabola, means that ~26 points of damage will actually be soaked by the armor in this case, for a total of 101 points of damage soaked. Pelle will take 9 points of damage. All this assuming no weapon or attack has armor penetration.
  • Weapons and attacks with armor penetration, most have some amount of it, will apply a portion of their damage directly to the target before any other armor calculations are done, just as they always have.
  • All armors have had their wear significantly increased to account for the increased amount of damage they should be taking.
  • Many, if not all, attacks and moves -- including those of animals -- and some weapons, notably swords, have been adjusted along various dimensions to be meaningful under the new system. This has taken the majority of the time, and their exact rules should be apparent from their descriptive tooltips.
  • Combat Move tooltips are automatically generated to a far greater extent than previously. Update your clients.

New Implementations
  • Added "Mask of the Green Man", mask.
  • Added "Scratch-Marked Bark", curiosity, suggested here.
  • Added "Quail", bird. Suggested here.
  • Added "Lynx Claw Gloves", weapon. Suggested here.

Key Fixes
  • Items delivered to quest givers in quests are now saved in a global pool, and sometimes awarded as an additional bonus when Reporting back to quest givers to complete quests.

Small Fixes
  • Quests to kill beavers should now count dungeon beavers, but previously existing such quests won't be updated to work. Reported here.
  • You can now put dungeon beavers in boats and such. Reported here.
  • Ancestors should now properly accept beer and sap taps.
  • Now checking theft permissions when taking lanterns from stands, torches from posts, &c.
  • Paintings, Tabards, Capes and Battle Standards, &c, should now display their sketch contents in tooltips.
  • Added more specific error messages when unable to hearth home for some reason.
  • Buffed Lynx Claws as gilding from +1 Agi to +2 Agi, and increased Lynx Claws base LP as curiosity from 1000 to 1200. Suggested here.

As always, if you liked what we did here: Support the patch.

Today's Patch Item, for the fair price of $10, is the "Sultan's Turban", suggested here.

Store Description wrote:Image$10 All hail thee, most magnificent autocrat of the Sublime Porte!

All Gold & Silver subscribers have been awarded the Sultan's Turban, free of charge.

In the Pipe

UPDATE YOUR CLIENTS... if you want the combat move tooltips to work properly.

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Re: Game Development: Fighting Quail

Postby klouyd » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:08 am

Yay updates!!!
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Re: Game Development: Fighting Quail

Postby mrzli » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:10 am

Good stuff!
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Re: Game Development: Fighting Quail

Postby Redlaw » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:10 am

Lovely update
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Re: Game Development: Fighting Quail

Postby synaris » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:12 am

thanks for the new bird, but i have to say, i really dont like big changes to the combat system. i already had to get used to a new one when i joined this world, now your forcing another one on me? its almost like starting a new game. i wont know how to fight at all.

hey wait a damn minute. you gave us a quail... with a new combat system. you cheeky bastard you LITERALLY GAVE US THE BIRD.
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Re: Game Development: Fighting Quail

Postby kris_hole » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:14 am

if i bought a sub now would I still get the hat even though the update has already rolled out? only just realized my sub ran out a couple of days ago
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Re: Game Development: Fighting Quail

Postby Onep » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:14 am

Ruh roh raggy!
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Re: Game Development: Fighting Quail

Postby kirion » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:14 am

Holy crap, new combat system!

Also lynx claws!
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Re: Game Development: Fighting Quail

Postby ChildhoodObesity » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:15 am

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Re: Game Development: Fighting Quail

Postby Dakkan » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:16 am


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