Game Development: Combat Revert

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Game Development: Combat Revert

Postby jorb » Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:24 pm

In light of all the input we have received on the new combat system, since we pushed it last Wednesday, we have decided to, for the time being, take a step back, and essentially revert to the previous combat system as it existed before the latest patch.

Our input value when embarking on this latest redesign was an ambition to remove the four colored dimensions of attacks and restorations, in favor of a simpler, one dimensional, system, as we felt it ugly that one explicitly needed to cover four completely orthogonal dimensions of openings with corresponding restorations in one's combat school. We have, however, in the new system, found ourselves unable to actually remove that problem, as all further structure we have been able to imagine -- structure we feel necessary to increase the depth of the system -- with any immediate ease, have essentially all taken that same form of new, orthogonal opening debuffs, such as "Dizzy", "Opportunity Knocks", and the like, again necessetating the corresponding defenses. While it may seem obvious now, this was not a consequence we had immediately forseen, and thus we feel that we may as well revert to the previous, somewhat functional system, while we reorient ourselves.

  • We're keeping the new armor model, for now. We don't hate it, and it leaves room for further developme