Realm chat boundaries

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Realm chat boundaries

Postby kmarad » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:50 am

I've been playing Haven & Hearth for quite a while.
Now discovering Hafen. And something I like a lot is the realm discussion channel.
People are helping each other, there are some funny roleplay sessions, I definitely love the idea.

There is just one thing : when you are one pixel outside of your realm, you miss all the interesting stuff.
Sometimes I just stay inside the realm, just so I can follow the discussion. But then I feel a bit frustrated because I don't do what I'd love to.

So I think that the realm chat should be a bit more "persistent", if I can say so.

An idea is to make the realm borders larger.
Another one is to make it so if you spend 1h in a realm, you can still chat in the realm when you are out of its boundaries for another hour. So that maybe, if you've spent one day in your realm, and you are out exploring, you can still talk to your people for a full day.

Those are basic ideas, I think the first one would be easier to implement. But then maybe we can think of something great to help on this topic, any ideas ?
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Re: Realm chat boundaries

Postby Lyrroth » Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:46 pm

it would mean that you can have two or more realm chats active at the same time by keep being some time on one then enter on another. if you are really involved in realm chat just join it to have access to non public version
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