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Postby Jackard » Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:58 am

:!: Please be aware that this game does not have a swear filter, nor is offensive language policed on our forums. :!:
    "Haven & Hearth is a MMORPG set in a fictional world loosely inspired by Slavic and Germanic myth and legend. The game sets itself apart from other games in the genre in its aim to provide players with an interactive, affectable and mutable game world, which can be permanently and fundamentally changed and affected through actions undertaken by the players. Our fundamental goal with Haven & Hearth is to create a game in which player choices have permanent and/or lasting effects and, thus, providing said players with a meaningful and fun gaming experience."

The release date for World 8 has been pushed back to August 28th.

An unofficial list of changes can be found here.
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World 7 Starter Guide

Postby Jackard » Fri Oct 30, 2009 6:22 am


    Haven and Haven is a small MMO currently in alpha, being developed by Jorb and Loftar in their spare time. There is only one server, but this is its seventh version - so, it is called 'World Seven.'

  • CRAFTING: H&H boasts an extensive crafting system!
  • FREEDOM: No out of game restraints on player interactions other than what the players themselves decide!
  • SKILLBASED: No arbitrary restrictions are placed on your development. Whether choosing to specialize or become a jack of all trades, you are never forced into a single role!
  • PERMADEATH: Death has lasting consequences and makes for a completely different atmosphere than most games. People actually care (for better or worse) what happens to them and others!
  • TERRAFORMING: Trees disappear forever once used. Grasslands spread from clearcutting. Caves can be tunneled through. Plant crops, trees, grass, pave stone and brick. Most objects are also destructible!
  • PERSISTENT: Any buildings or objects you come across were made by another player. Leave a lasting mark on the world!

    This is a game of survival, there are no gamemasters to bail you out when things go wrong, you will need allies for protection and 'trade'.


    Is it free?

    Are there monsters?
    There is the local wildlife: ants, cows, foxes, chickens, rabbits, sheep, boars and bears. These are not to be underestimated, as it takes training before you can reasonably fight them and some will try to kill you! Boars and bears are especially dangerous - they will attack any who come near!

    But what about this big brown and green thing that looks like a walking tree? http://i.imgur.com/WEIOZgi.png
    That's a dryad. They don't really seem to do anything besides wander aimlessly... you cannot kill them.

    Where can I find some string?
    String refers to anything that can be used as a cord. This includes Hide Strap, Plant Fibres, Silk Thread, Spindly Taproot, Stinging Nettle, and Yarn. The only exception is that nettles and straps cannot be used for fishing.

    What's this I hear about Enders client or whatever? There are a few custom clients floating about that offer modern conveniences like a larger window resolution and nightvision. These aren't considered cheating, but they do offer some advantages over players using the default client - the most significant being the xray toggle that allows you to see behind objects by replacing their artwork with white outlines.

    Which direction is north? Click here.

Understanding the Interface

    Click here for the full image.

  • Leftclick to move, rightclick to interact.
  • Leftclick items in your inventory to pick them up - one click to stick an item to your cursor, another leftclick on your inventory to release it, leftclick in the game world to drop the item at your feet.
  • Rightclick an item in your inventory to open a radial menu of available commands.
  • SHIFT+leftclick moves items from one container to the most recent one you opened.
  • CTRL+leftclick drops items on the ground.
  • Click+drag only works when setting skills/items to your hotbar
  • To use an item on an object, the rule is leftclick item + rightclick target. (For example, leftclick a bucket, rightclick a cow to milk it. Pour tea into a mug by leftclicking the teapot and rightclicking the mug.)
  • To use any sort of constructed tool, like a Spinning Wheel, you need to rightclick it to get your character to walk over to it. Once you do that, you can craft the items that require the tool from the crafting menu.
  • Radial menus will accept numbers instead of mouseclicks for anything besides items. The top choice is 1, then clockwise from there.
  • To fix the camera: whenever you login press the : key, type in "cam fixed", and then press ENTER.

    Remember to click the "Show Claims" button. This will color any land owned by another player in red!

    Your default movement speed is set to Walk when you log in. You can cycle through the different speeds by pressing CTRL+R or leftclicking a specific one. As your stamina drains, the higher speeds will become unavailable to you. Sprinting always drains stamina, Running drains stamina in forests, and Walking drains stamina in swamps. Certain terrains will deny you the higher speeds; for example, you cannot sprint on forest and you cannot run in swamp or shallow water.
    Stamina can be refilled by standing still, drinking water, or sitting in a chair. Restoring stamina drains hunger.
    The middle three levels of Hunger have no effect; at Stuffed, you slow to a crawl and at Starving you begin to lose HHP. You can die from starvation! Image
    "Soft" hit points will slowly regenerate while your Hunger is 80+. "Hard" hit points are more difficult to recover, requiring bandaging or leeches. (The former being the safer of the two methods.)

    Happiness is a placeholder and does nothing; new players dont need to worry about Authority.

Character Creation

    You begin formless and nameless. Rightclick on the man to fashion yourself a body and the woman to choose a name. If you have died previously on this account, there will be runestones on the left where you can inherit the legacy of one of your past characters.

    Rightclick on the chest and SHIFT-leftclick all of the items within it to transfer them to your inventory. Press CTRL+E to bring up your equipment window; SHIFT-leftclick your new clothing to wear it. Walking around the forest without shoes can harm your character, so make sure to at least wear those.

    There are multiple exits from the starting area. Rightclicking the ladder will randomly drop you off somewhere in the wilds. Sharing a friend's hearth secret with the man in the upper corner will open a third exit, allowing you to spawn in the world next to their hearthfire.


Early Life

    A newly spawned hearthling with nobody to rely on will find the world much harsher than those that begin with a group. Their survival is often dependent on the terrain they awaken in. Grass, heath or moor lands are good; broadleaf forests are best. Mountains and coniferous forests are inhospitable environments, forcing the player to wander in search of better lands.

    You begin with the following abilities:

      The cursor changes, allowing your character to carry large objects within the game world by leftclicking them. Rightclick to cancel this action. Once you lift something, your movement speed is reduced to a crawl. Rightclick the ground to set it down, or SHIFT+rightclick to set it down aligned to the grid. Carrying large objects drains your stamina. I recommend setting this to hotbar #1.

      The cursor changes into a bundle of sticks - leftclick within the game world to ready a buildsite. Which brings us to this window:

      Open your inventory with TAB and SHIFT+leftclick branches to transfer them to the buildsite. Once you have all of the needed materials 'readied', click the build button to complete your campfire. A timer will appear as the readied materials slowly become 'used'. You cannot place new buildsites on unallied claimed land. You can use them as storage for readied materials, as buildsites never decay.

      Lets you dig for materials dependent on the terrain. Forest yields Soil, shallow water is Ball Clay, mudflat is Acre Clay, beach is Sand, mountain is Stone.

      When just starting, this only lets you enter claimed land. It does much more later on. You do leave traces of your crime when you use this, which can be tracked to you (when online) or your hearthfire.

      If you have the required skill and the needed materials, you can repair damaged objects by leftclicking them with this. Wooden objects usually require Carpentry, for example.

      Leftclick on an object to destroy it. This is heavily dependent on your Strength attribute. Equipping an axe gives a bonus; equipping a pickaxe or sledgehammer gives an even larger one, but uses both hands. This is a heavy drain on your stamina. Some objects have "soak" and ignore damage unless you have high enough STR to bypass the soak.

      Teleportation! The Travel section lets you choose from one of several destinations - your hearthfire, your village idol, a nearby charterstone. The maximum distance you can travel is dependent on your Agility attribute, though traveling to your hearthfire ignores this maximum. If you are lifting an object, it is taken with you. Using this ability gives the Travel Weariness debuff, which hinders travel.

    Open your character sheet with CTRL+T and click the fourth button at the bottom to view your Beliefs. As your character ages, you may choose to alter these - the sliders can be shifted one step each time the upper symbol becomes colored. When starting, this change occurs once per ingame day (every eight hours IRL) but becomes more frequent the closer you align with Change. Please note that time spent AFK does not count! Shifting any slider will automatically push your character one step towards Change on the Tradition/Change slider - there is no need to ever click the last slider. It is recommended that newer players level to maximum Change then Peace first for the experience bonus they give.

      The original thread can be found here.
    Eating food helps your character grow. Each food item gives a set amount of points towards a specific Attribute in the FEP bar - once the bar is filled, the game will randomly select one of the colors and increase its attribute by one. Your highest attribute determines how many points are needed to finish the FEP bar. Eating different types of foods will lower the maximum amount of FEP needed to complete your current bar!

Learning and Raising Skills

    There are two methods of earning experience. The first is through Discoveries. Nearly every new item that you harvest or craft yourself will reward you with 50LP - for example, rightclicking a nearby tree will open a radial menu. When you pick your first branch, you gain 50LP. You get no experience for branches after the first. Most of your early experience will come from seeing lots of new items for the first time, which is why starting near broadleaf forest can be such a boon.

    Since discoveries are a finite resource, the experience earned from them must be spent cautiously. Click the third button at the bottom of your character sheet to go to your Skills page, where you learn new abilities. Click here to view the skill tree. Your first purchases should include Foraging, Hunting and Lumberjacking. Switch to the first page of your character sheet and raise Exploration by a few points to increase the effectiveness of Foraging.

    Skills and discoveries unlock various building and crafting recipes:

      Rightclick your campfire to open its radial menu and light it. Rightclicking this sort of object will 'key' you to it, allowing you to roast meats. Provides an inadequate amount of light and doesn't burn for very long.

      Usually the first container you learn to build. It costs ten branches, holds two rows of three slots, and is relatively easy to destroy.

      Used to recover from Travel Weariness while logged out, with the Quality of the materials used to determine exactly how quickly. To use it, rightclick it and select Sleep from the radial menu. (It will automatically send you to the login screen.)

      The common saying goes, "No claim, fair game!" Sleeping in a leanto offers a minor protection to any container stored in it, but you should learn Yeomanry to claim land for yourself. Just to restate: you don't own something unless you claim it.

      A one-handed tool for chopping trees, removing stumps, making twelve wood blocks from a log, mining, destroying objects and attacking creatures.

      A one-handed tool used to create four boards from a log.

      A small cup made from birch bark, for drinking water. Use: Leftclick the kuksa and then rightclick it on shallow water, a well, or a water barrel to fill it. It can also be filled from another item such as a bucket or flask - leftclick the other item and then rightclick the kuksa to pour the water into it. Rightclick the kuksa and select Drink from the radial menu to use it.

    The second method for earning experience is through Curiosities, which can be acquired in many ways: crafting, gathering, and even random rewards for various tasks. Open the character sheet and click the second button at the bottom to view your mental inventory. Place a curio here and your character will begin studying it. Once the piechart on the curio has come full circle, it will be consumed and award LP. Note that study time passes for curios regardless of whether your character is logged in or not. Only one of each curio can be studied at any given time.

    Curiosities have several dimensions in which they vary:
    LP: The amount of LP given upon having studied the item in question.
    Mental Weight: The amount of attention required.
    Time: The time it takes to study the item.
    Size: Some curios take multiple slots.

      One of the earliest curios learned by most players, Cone Cows require 1 attention to study and take twenty minutes to finish. They award 50LP.

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Re: Welcome to H&H

Postby btaylor » Fri Oct 30, 2009 6:32 am

Very well done. Short guide but covers the most important basics a new player will need to know to get off to a good start.
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Re: Welcome to H&H

Postby jorb » Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:48 am

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Re: Welcome to H&H

Postby Gaiadin » Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:49 am

Jackard wrote:That's in the next line, where it covers health.

So it is. I'm an idiot.
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Re: Welcome to H&H

Postby CG62 » Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:06 pm

Congraturations Jackard.

Sticky accomplished!


And yes, I am QUITE the newfag.
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Re: Welcome to H&H

Postby Sarge » Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:24 pm

Geez, well done Jackard, GREAT post!
factnfiction101 wrote:^I agree with this guy.
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Re: Welcome to H&H

Postby kobnach » Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:20 am

Very nice.
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Re: Welcome to H&H

Postby Yuki » Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:13 am

Jackard makes a good post for once.
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Re: Welcome to H&H

Postby Blaze » Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:16 am

Jackard makes plenty of good posts, you just have to look through the occasional insults and sarcasm; which is much easier if they aren't directed at you.

Now we need a combat tutorial and an advanced concepts tutorial. Would be easier if we had training dummies.
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