Quick How-To!

This howto services as a temporary collection of documentation for common tasks, until we get a more extensive system in place.

Creating Your First Character

Press the "Create New Character" button. Your new character will start in a world of his own, shapeless and without body, but as a free floating spirit. You can navigate around the room by clicking the left mouse button, but before you can do more meaningful things, you need a body.

To get a body, please speak with the plastic surgeon to your upper left in the room. Speak to him by clicking on him with the right mouse button. Speak with him again if you want to change gender.

Before you can walk the real world, you also need to choose a name for your character. To do that, speak with Germania, who is to your upper right. Once you have chosen both a body and a name, you can enter the world by way of the ladder to the far upper right in the room. The ladder is also to be right-clicked to be traversed.

Before you do that, however, you will probably want to have a look in the chest to the bottom right from your starting position for some clothes, basic tools, food and dreams. After that, you are free to roam the world as you see fit!

Craft Items
In the bottom right menu, click the "Craft" icon. Select the recipe you wish to follow. Make sure you have the proper ingredients in your inventory and then click "Craft".
Learn New Skills
Most skills require about 200 learning points. Avaliable skills will show up in your character screen if you have enough learning points avaliable. Most things you do will earn you a small amount of learning points. (Crafting, chopping down trees, mining, &c.)
Build Objects
Place the object on the map using the commands from the build menu in the bottom right corner. The player will walk to that position and place a sign at the chosen location, which represents the object under construction. Place the correct raw materials in the construction object, and press the "build" button.
Interact with Objects
Right click on objects in your inventory or on the map to interact with them. Some recipes in the craft screen require you to first interact with the appropriate object in the map view. Presently: Anvils, querns, churns and spinning wheels. The player will walk up to the object if it can be used that way. Some objects, such as trees, will open a "flower menu", with options which should be self-explanatory.
Use Buckets
Hold the bucket by clicking on it in your inventory screen. While holding the bucket, right click on a source from which to fill it. Buckets can be filled from...
  • Cows, to get milk,
  • Bee hives, to get honey,
  • Open water and wells, for obvious effects.
Plant Fields
Learn Farming. Adventure → Dig → click on grass or forest ground. The player will dig a field. Right click on a dug field while holding a seed object to plant the seeds (Linseed, from the blue flowers, cannot be planted at present). Wait ~24 hours. Wheat will grow faster if planted close to a bee hive.
Burn Bricks
Build a kiln using 15 clay objects. Place additional clay objects in the finished kiln. Provide fuel for the kiln by holding a wood item (block, board or twig) and right clicking on the kiln in the mapview. The fuel meter should be at least half full. Press light. Wait.
Make Charcoal
Same as with the bricks. Wood items turn into coal if placed in a lit kiln. Charcoal is necessary to fuel ore smelters.
Make Bread
Learn cooking. Build an oven using 15 burnt bricks. Craft a dough. Place the dough in the oven. Get fuel for the oven in the same way as you would for the kiln. Light the oven and wait. The dough will turn into bread after about 10 minutes. Don't wait too long, or there will only be ashes left!
Dry Hides
Learn leather working. Find a cow. Slaughter the cow. Build a drying frame. Skin the cow. Place the raw hide in the drying frame. Wait ~8 hours (real hours, that is). The raw hide is now dry.
Tan Hides
Learn leather working. Make a dried hide. Build a tanning tub using boards. Fill the tanning tub with water by right clicking on it while holding a bucket full of water. Fill the tub's tanning material meter by right clicking on it while holding a strip of bark. You can get bark from trees (duh!). Place a dried hide in the tub and wait for another 8 hours. You now have leather for crafting.
Build a Quern
Build → Stone Working → Quern → Click on a boulder.