Inherit lawspeaker

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Inherit lawspeaker

Postby krikke93 » Thu Jun 13, 2024 11:15 pm

So, I'm a hermit with a village, which has just my character as a lawspeaker and an alt account as another villager.

I died on my main character, inherited on a new one and notice I don't have any permissions within the village.

I've tried:
- Buying lawspeaking as a skill
- Interacting with the idol (no menu pops up)
- No invite option on my alt, only "leave village"

The alt account has no skills and barely any LP, so I guess my only option is to wait until I have enough LP on the alt to buy lawspeaking so I can invite my inherited character back to the village?
If that's genuinely how it works, I suggest the village role should be inherited with the character, or is there a reason this is not the case?
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Re: Inherit lawspeaker

Postby vatas » Fri Jun 14, 2024 7:54 am

Unless it has been changed and/or I remember it wrong - if Lawspeaker dies:

1. Any villager with lawspeaking can right-click the Idol and be presented with an option to become the Lawspeaker.

If the village has zero (alive) members, or the Authority has hit zero:

2. ANYONE with lawspeaking can right-click the Idol and be presented with an option to become the Lawspeaker.

Safest option would be trying to get Lawspeaking for the alt still in the village. If that is inconvenient enough, risk it for the biscuit and have it leave the village (assuming there are no other characters Oathed to it) so the second condition applies and your main character can reclaim the Idol.
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Re: Inherit lawspeaker

Postby meus » Fri Jun 14, 2024 8:16 am

The safest option is to park an alt who is the Lawspeaker and never play it. Same as vaulting keys, etc.
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