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H&H Guides

Postby MagicManICT » Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:11 am

Moderator note: this thread was originally posted by TeckXKnight. As he's been MIA for a bit, players should know who to contact if they have any information about guides that have become defunct, new ones to add, or questions that don't necessarily need a thread. I'm not trying to take credit for Tech's work, only make sure the players here know who they can reliably contact about any issues.

This is a compilation of unofficial guides and information threads available for H&H made by the community.
To contribute a guide to this list please contact a moderator with a link to your thread to have it judged.

Installing and Running Haven
Operating System
OSX (Apple)

Beginner Guides
Important Wiki Pages

Sevenless' Beginners Guide
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=40714

Jordan Cole's Little Known Pro-Tips
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=42482

Experience Point issues?
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 47&t=42903

What to eat -- [a new player] food guide
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=61773

Combat Guides
Jorbs explanation of the combat system
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 39&t=50921

Combat Guide by Flameturtle

zebratul's Fighting Guide for new players (WiP)
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=54070

Food & Curios
Thaydi's Food and FEPs variation sheet
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=54296

Finding the proprerties

rfxDarth's quality calculating spreadsheet (work in progress)

Gear & Crafting
zebratul's Quality Spiraling Guide
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=51167

TeckXKnight's Building Color/Design Guide
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=41353

jacksonblu's Guide to Sketch Color Conversion
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=61438

Ants' "Making nice art without dithering"
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=66736

Tech Support Issues (problems getting client to start)
For first time players, or even returning players that haven't played in a while, check out this information. For current players that are experiencing new errors, please post in the Bugs forum.

Mac & Java issue
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 81#p781461

3/23/2017 -- added in some organization; added link Colin500's Google Drive thread for Food Variations
1/18/2018 -- added in some of the more important wiki pages
2/14/2018 -- added link for pointers to running on Linux; would like to get pointers on setting up and common issues with Java on Windows, OSX
3/26/2018 -- added link to the "experience point" bug thread; read up there for suggestions on ideas on how to jump start gaining xp again
6/6/2018 -- moved the "experience issues" link to the Beginner's Guide section; added a link to a guide to modify images for in-game crafting
6/16/2018 -- added a section for finding tech support and a few specific issues (more to be added later).
7/25/2018 -- added a link to food guide for new players
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Re: H&H Guides

Postby MagicManICT » Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:23 am

Simply for archival purposes, I've leaving old, removed links here. Someone may want to use them as a basis for a new guide. In some cases, they're here simply to see if the anyone is still using them. If anyone thinks a link needs to be moved to the "b" team of this sticky because it's too dated, PM me. (Note: I'm leaving Sevenless's guide up as it is still the only comprehensive new player introduction we have.)

zebratul's Eating & Leveling Up Stats Guide
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=50538 Nearly everything has had some sort of update or change to it. Some of the basic ideas are still the same, but the specifics are so dated they aren't relevant without a major rewrite.

mamotromico's Food/Curio Information Sheet
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=42419 No longer updated that I can tell; see the RoB wiki or one of the other more frequently updated tools for food and curio information

Colin500's Food Variations Google Drive
http://www.havenandhearth.com/forum/vie ... 42&t=56818 Appears to be no longer updated;
Opinions expressed in this statement are the authors alone and in no way reflect on the game development values of the actual developers.
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