Wrong error message completing last credo quest

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Wrong error message completing last credo quest

Postby xyzzy57 » Mon Apr 15, 2024 3:09 am

I didn't take screen shots, but here's what I believe happened.

1) I was working on my last quest for a credo. It was a 4-part quest - one was a delivery to a quest giver, and another involved studying an object.
2) When I logged out, I'd done everything except for the studying part, and the needed curio was in my study area
3) When I logged back in after enough time to finish the studying, I got the usual message one gets when a quest _fails_ because a quest giver has been destroyed.
4) I did NOT get a message about the credo or its quest completing, let alone information about the replacement quest
5) When I checked, I found no quest associated with the credo
6) And on farther checking, found that the credo was complete.

The bug is the message in #3.

I don't have a screen shot - didn't think to make one.

I was using Ender's beta client, not the official client. I don't think the client should effect anything here, and in any case I can't retry with the official client. So I'm posting this for whatever it's worth, if anything.
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