Natural Talents, Masterworks, and Incentivizing Death

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Natural Talents, Masterworks, and Incentivizing Death

Postby firemasterelf22 » Sun Oct 10, 2021 12:09 am

Some sort of Natural Talent mechanic could be interesting, especially to soften the blow of a character death.

What I'm proposing: Each character that is created has a hidden natural talent. In its simplest form, this can just be that a character levels up a certain stat easier than others. As this would be a hidden trait, you wouldn't quite know what it is without experimenting. In a more complex form, perhaps your character is better at carpentry or smithing tools, with a better chance to create master work items (more on this below).

If your character meets with a terrible fate, their descendant will have a different natural talent. However, depending on how long the original character lived for/how much lp(or maybe exp?) they gained in their life time, will add a bonus to the descendant's natural talent (up to a cap). This would hopefully make stat grinding after a character death less tedious. The bonus should probably only work for one direct descendant to prevent just suiciding for a specific talent.

Masterworks: when crafting items, mining stone, sawing planks, etc. there could be a low chance to create a masterwork version of said item. If an item is created with a masterwork material, it would have a bonus to any stats, above just the items quality. Perhaps some sort of vanity glint on the item as well?

Obviously exact mechanics are up for discussion, but I think at the very least having each hearthling born different can help make death more interesting.
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Re: Natural Talents, Masterworks, and Incentivizing Death

Postby Massa » Sun Oct 10, 2021 1:46 am

Unfortunately this would only affect inheritances/reincarnations and would just lead to people spawning spawnlet armies for the obvious meta combination for any crafting character and leaving the rest to die. It would just lead to another chore to lock in a meta and the only characters that ever die are the ones made to be expendable, meaning their particular skills aren't exactly relevant anyway.
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