Separete server?

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Re: Separete server?

Postby LaserSaysPew » Tue Oct 03, 2023 3:01 pm

noindyfikator wrote:
LaserSaysPew wrote:
noindyfikator wrote:Check out what's happening in Ukraine then write again about hatred.
Those people kill innocent kids, destroy hospitals etc. No human with at least 1 brain cell wants to play with them.

So... Those guys wage war, kill people, destroy stuff AND they manage to also play hnh while doing all that?! Holy shit those guys are savage!

A knew a few russky who were playing haven and died on war. So yes, it's happening.

As I said, total savages! Shooting with one hand, 1v1ing a mammoth with another!
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Re: Separete server?

Postby Kaczorex666 » Tue Oct 03, 2023 5:38 pm

They are simply toxic and spoil the fun of the game. In addition, they specifically make the game difficult for others. More than once I saw a new player enter and they enclosed him with a wall without a door :D
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Re: Separete server?

Postby dagrimreefah » Tue Oct 03, 2023 8:28 pm

Kaczorex666 wrote:I have seen your posts mostly trolls and contribute nothing interesting.

keep whining about "toxicity" crybaby nobody cares lol


(also, learn how to spell "separate", dumbass)
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