Raven Lands - community of free villages.

Company of Dwarves seeking thief for dangerous mission. Find a group or village to play with here.

Raven Lands - community of free villages.

Postby Razzbane » Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:41 pm


As new world comes out soon, i want to announce a community of 'free' villages project - Raven Lands. What does it mean? Villages can join us, settle where we all settle and play with us. 'Free' means nobody is forced to do anything - you play like you want. We are few core players for now, but this is going to (hopefully) change very soon.

1. How will it work?
Any village willing to join us must be approved by our 'Templar'. Then you can build your village, play, fight and thrive.

2. What can we offer?
- Our main village will have TRADING POST, with our own currency. This requires time, but it is certain we are going to support traders.
- Protection for community contributors*. This includes help for victims of crimes.
- Events in the future, maybe even role-playing ones. We will see.
- For those who wants to fight, we will teach you and we WILL grant opportunity to taste a lot of blood! We don't want boring sim-like game.
- If numbers let us, kingdom.

3. Requirements?
- No known thieves, we are also striking in 'adult' community.
- No offending your community mates. We don't want toxic people.
- We are mainly using english, but polish-only speakers are welcomed too.

4.Contributions for community.
This can of course change, but for now villages can contribute by few ways.
- Fighters are considered as contribute.
- Helping maintain or build trade post is considered as contribute.
- Supporting our fighters, by donating goods, is considered as contribute.
- Any other donations or help for community is considered as contribute.

5. Policy
We are going to be militaristic community, because...

6. Recruitment for main village - closed!


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Re: Raven Lands - community of free villages.

Postby Razzbane » Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:39 am

Updated discord link
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Re: Raven Lands - community of free villages.

Postby Despoiler » Wed Jan 30, 2019 7:33 pm

W11 is starting in just a couple of days, and it is time to tell more about us!

  1. Our core is a self-sustaining band of experienced players.
  2. We are multicultural team - there are players from Britain, Germany, Poland and Russia, we will be glad to expand this list.
  3. We are chill - all activity is supported, but even if you prefer playing a hermit, settling around us you will find safety & new friends.
  4. If you are new player, by joining our community you will get invaluable experience, as well as a lot of fun.
[*] With us you will be provided with everything necessary to do your favorite job, be it mining, gardening, or fighting.

If you want to join us, or just wave us a hand, join our discord: https://discord.gg/Px5NAjm
There you will find all our freshest news, and you can apply to join. Also, PM me or Razzbane.

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