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The Rules

Postby jorb » Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:12 pm

1. Languages
The official forum language is English. Please post in English. Other languages are allowed in the Dwarves and Thieves subforum, so that people can recruit others that speak their desired language.

2. Guidelines
Read before posting. Read the stickies, read the wiki, read the titles of threads in the first page or two of the subforum to see if there is already an answer to your question, or if your idea has already been suggested.

Don't forget about the search function! Threads that ask a question that has been answered in the wiki or another recent thread, or threads with commonly suggested ideas like "add bridges" will be moderated.

Title your threads properly. Condense the main idea of your post into one phrase or sentence and use that for the title. Poorly named threads will be moderated.

Please avoid making grab bag threads with multiple unrelated suggestions. Give each idea its own thread so posters can discuss its merits, so that ideas aren't overshadowed by more popular ideas, and so that they might be found later using the search tool.

Don't advertise your trades in every Apples for Oranges topic, or advertise your village in every Dwarves & Thieves topic.

3. Server Issues
All posts regarding server issues (such as lag or downtime) should be posted in this thread.

4. Inappropriate Content
No hotlinking allowed - use a proper image host. No excessive swearing, posting malicious links or disturbing images. That includes NSFW images.

Don't be a blatantly stupid/unfunny troll, derail otherwise interesting threads with your trolling, or troll/stir up drama on the forums with an alt. Hate speech is considered this. Don't accuse others of being trolls when they are simply disagreeing with you.

5. Spam
The forum is not your blog! Threads not even remotely related to the game may be moderated! Avoid offtopic chatting in important threads like the server status thread. Put some effort into your posting! We would like to see some actual discussion not empty "+1" posts

Signatures should not be taller than 70px. If you have a signature larger than this, or one that is otherwise disruptive to reading a thread, you may be asked to change it.

Stop requesting character wipes or map resets. Discussion regarding P2P goes in this thread!

6. Sass
Any concerns regarding a moderated post or thread should be taken to the moderation discussion. Do not derail threads with posts discussing moderator actions. Do not abuse the report function.


If you feel a post breaks one of these rules, please use the Report button instead of replying to it in the thread.

Warnings may be issued if your thread is renamed, merged or moved to hel. Repeat offenders will be banned for 1-7 days at the moderator's discretion. Accounts used for ban evasion will be subject to permabans if discovered.
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