Village for sale! SOLD

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Village for sale! SOLD

Postby Saiter » Mon Jul 19, 2021 10:20 pm


I am finishing with the game on this world and would like to sell my village for a fair price.
Can also sell invidual items, if someone is interested.

Village consists of 3 rings:
- inner - most secure: vault, food storage and place to unload chests,
- middle - villager houses and animals,
- outer - fields, trees and mine entrance.

Village is located about 10 min from sea, 5 min from mountains, above swamp.
There is crossroad built to the nearest thingwall (Tunberg) and to swamp.

Inner ring:
- stone mansion functioning as vault - contains curio and silkfarm,
- village idol and private claim idol,
- food storage with high-end table - lot of cheese and smoked sausages left,

Middle ring:
- villagers houses - all stonesteads: farmer, smith, gardener, cook, hunter,
- designated areas - gardening, bakery, tanning, skin drying, vegetable storage, steel, kilns etc,
- cheese house - house with seperate minehole protected with double palisade built especially to make cheese,
- animals pens and chicken coops - animals of various quality, everything above q10 and bred for quality.
- tower - functioning as metal storage, gemcutter's workshop (12 cupboards full of various gems) and alchemist's workshop in basement (alchemist's tool +/- q120).

Outer ring:
- fields - crops are not the best q, but there is turnip q214 for compost and to feed animals,
- trees - mostly species used for smoking meats,
- minehole - down to -6 level, double palisaded on every level, smelting area on -1.

Seperate plot for unloading items from ships - shipdock included.

From items that are left:
- loom q213,
- spinning wheel q206,
- cauldron q201, q176,
- anvil q326, q224,
- smitty hammer q326,
- potter's wheel q189,
- kiln q207, q193,
- blacksmith's smelters q300, q297, q298, q282,
- finery forge q274,
- steel crucible q256, q176, q169, q165,
- treeplanter pots q194 x2,
- pickaxe q220 x2,
- glassblowing rod q325,
- compost bin q154 and 4 more q100-130,
- tanning tubs q200 x6,
- tar kilns q173, q152,
- herbalist table q110 and lot of q50-100,
- smokesheds q90 x13,
- two big chantrelle q90.

Gardening area:
- 180 garden pots - from q150 to q50, all possible plants including troll mushrooms.

Table -,
Smokesheds -,
Animals -, please hurry, I don't have time to feed them.
Chickens -,
Trees -,
Tree seeds -

Contact - Sailef#8696 or Vinuyan Darano#4192 on Discord.
Place your offers.
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Re: Village for sale! SOLD

Postby synntax33 » Fri Jul 01, 2022 4:37 pm

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