delete the game

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delete the game

Postby Massa » Thu Apr 11, 2024 8:22 pm

it's over
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Re: delete the game

Postby Dawidio123 » Fri Apr 12, 2024 12:07 pm

It's so over.
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Re: delete the game

Postby Robben_DuMarsch » Fri Apr 12, 2024 3:57 pm

Don't let the door hit you on your way out.
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Re: delete the game

Postby fallout » Fri Apr 12, 2024 4:03 pm

I like the game.
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Re: delete the game

Postby The_Blode » Fri Apr 12, 2024 4:19 pm

I drank the vodka.
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Re: delete the game

Postby Audiosmurf » Fri Apr 12, 2024 4:30 pm

Haven & Hearth is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) set in a fictional world loosely inspired by Slavic and Germanic myth and legend. The game sets itself apart from other games in the genre in its aim to provide players with an interactive, affectable and mutable game world, which can be permanently and fundamentally changed and affected through actions undertaken by the players.
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Re: delete the game

Postby terechgracz » Fri Apr 12, 2024 4:31 pm

In Haven and Hearth, servers typically refer to the different game worlds or realms where players can inhabit and play. These servers often vary in terms of rulesets, map generation, and community dynamics. Some common types of servers in Haven and Hearth include:

1. **Permanent Servers**: These are the main, long-standing game worlds where players can establish settlements, engage in crafting, trade, and interact with other players. They usually have a persistent world where changes made by players are saved over time.

2. **Temporary or Seasonal Servers**: These servers may be introduced for special events or limited-time gameplay experiences. They often have unique rulesets or challenges and may reset after a certain period, allowing players to start anew.

3. **Role-playing Servers**: These servers focus on immersive role-playing experiences, with players creating characters and adhering to specific role-playing guidelines. They often have dedicated communities and stricter rules regarding in-game behavior to maintain the role-playing atmosphere.

4. **Hardcore Servers**: In these servers, gameplay can be more challenging, with harsher penalties for death or failure. They may appeal to players seeking a more intense and unforgiving survival experience.

5. **Experimental Servers**: These servers are used to test new features, mechanics, or changes before they are implemented in the main game. Players on these servers may have the opportunity to provide feedback and help shape the game's development.

Each server type offers a different gameplay experience, catering to a variety of player preferences and styles.
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Re: delete the game

Postby caz » Fri Apr 12, 2024 5:01 pm

they troll is a player who play pvp not like me pve but he dont play this world
so i tell u if u want pvp i can ask him to play with u pvp
post screens for your racisam talk now
and for your ciber terorisam to ask items who cost irl money for items in game
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