Weapon lock/reequip wait

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Weapon lock/reequip wait

Postby maze » Sun Oct 25, 2015 4:02 pm

Edit my English seems to be really bad today...i fixed some of what i typed.

this is mainly speaking to J&L.
This post is to help reduce bot/macro in fighting that is likely to come.

II have a new bot/macro. The bot and macro has not been used in field combat, yet. . .

The bot/macro will switch Items that are equiped when I select moves.

Chop will put b12 equip
parry will put sword equip
shield will put shield equip

When using skills, my items switch to my Agi gear
When I get hit, my items switch to armor

Current when using Chop it removes my sword or sheild and loads my b12 from my inventory into my hand slot.
when using shield it removes my b12 and equips my shield.
when using parry it loads my sword in.
When using moves My agi gear Is put on~ when my armor is low or if my HP is hit my armor gets swiched in.

if JC idea of new weapon types come out, or any new weapons + new skills that use weapons.
if JC idea comes into light, (and we need it now....since above will get everyone else to make the same bot)

then we need to add a 5-8sec reequip item rule.

-2 more equipment slots for combat items only, to not hinder players who are walking around collecting trees or cutting wood and then would need to equip their combat items. when combat starts you pull out your sword from the combat slot. this would also mean needed to add in a sword on him and b12 on back.

-a re equipment time when in combat, time should be 5-8 sec. for armor, or weapons.
- players should not be able to move when re-equipping

JC weapon & moves topic: viewtopic.php?p=578731#p578731[/quote]
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Re: Weapon lock/reequip wait

Postby jorb » Sun Oct 25, 2015 5:35 pm

Myeah, probably. Thanks.

EDIT: Something like this has since been implemented.
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